The identity we lead online compared to offline


The identity we show in real life can be quite different when placed into a completely different world. When one identity is shifted between the line of real or fake it makes people question why they choose an online life over the real one. The photos shown and the descriptions are to outline the impact of online and offline identities.

Source: Amira Gay, February 13th 2015,  “Your Online Identity,” CAS 283 Spring ’15 Sec 005, Blog, viewed 1st June 2016


The idea of Identity online is made up of many things and further areas to explore into. To many it seems like a vicious cycle that is far worse than the reality. To lead an online identity one must have access to a device that is connected to the internet in some way, then it must find a platform that must create your own account of yourself. Rob Cover states within his book of Digital Identities: Creating and Communicating the Online Self to talk about the different effects identity has within the online world. ‘The “real life”  versus “virtual self” dichotomy and, effectively, the reification of a “real” identity out of which the “virtual self” could be voluntarily created.’ (pg 10 – 11, Rob Cover)

Source: Jon Bailey, December 17th 2014,”A Moblie World is an Offline World (And What this Means for Your Apps),” Appcelerator Blog, viewed 1st June 2016 


Many Individuals choose to go offline due to the fact that they either to not trust online, do not accept it or even cannot comprehend the health facts that entail what may happen to them if they have it. Many academics state that by not choosing an online social life can lead to problems with communication with others but can also place stress and mental health issues upon one that may be facing isolation symptoms. While others believe it is an addiction and obsession to be connected to a device for long periods of time.

Source: Creative California, August 14th 2015, “Strength your brand identity in Social Media,”Blog, Online Marketing, viewed 2nd June 2016

Social Network

Ones identity online is represented depending upon the platform and network it is placed in. This correlates to how much the individual wants to reveal about their life through the use of information, pictures, videos and/or their opinions upon things. Two clear examples are Facebook and Instagram, Facebook being a place to reveal private information while Instagram places it in the format of pictures instead of information. Rob Cover classifies this as showing ‘identity expression.’ (pg 16, Rob Cover)

The action of performing an identity expression is spilt into two actions, one being finding friends and accepting them while the other is regulating your friends list while interacting with them online. ‘Both are performative acts of identification articulated through frameworks of relationality and belonging.’ (pg 16, Rob Cover)


Source: Author: Summit Salon Center, 12th October 2015, “Should I hire an outside marketing company to take care of my social media?”Estetica Magazine, viewed 2nd June 2016

Outside of Social Media

Social Media platforms were only made during the beginning of the 2000s, before then people actually rang others or went over their houses to see how they were going. With the use of technologies and the way in which society has taken social media it seems that you need to be on it in order to communicate with anyone. Ann Smarty states this to her blog that, ‘I hate being out in public and seeing people on their phones.’

The disadvantage of clinging to your phone, scrolling through newsfeeds and simply liking things for the sake of it seems to be all too common that normal talking face to face has become extinct. Ann Smarty identifies it all too well as ‘you get the feeling of being social without having to go out and socialize.’

Source:John Lineberger, 2nd September 2011,”Securing Gamer Identities,” Blog, Gemalto: security to be free, viewed 2nd June 2016

Gamers Identity

The idea of a person who plays a lot of games is classified within society as a gamer. The game that the gamer plays gives the capability to immerse themselves into it. (pg 117, Rob Cover) The connection between the gaming world and their identity is that it connects to the idea of Cyberspace and losing yourself to become another online. Rob Cover defines this notion as the real/virtual and real/digital divide. (pg 117, Rob Cover) This is backed up by his statement, ‘this notion of immersion is characterized by becoming (other), or by becoming that which the user has created as an articulation on-screen.’ (pg 117, Rob Cover)

The examples of games that have proven this notion are based off of first person shooter games that have a sole character that you can customise, create their background and even further alter their personalities.

Source: Daniel Ostrower, Daniel Ostrower Page, Wired: Innovation Insights, Blog, viewed 2nd June 2016

Reality vs Digital

The gaming world is just the same as that of social media where you need to own it or have it to be involved. This statement relates to games and consoles however some choose to go beyond the game and into reality with taking on the full form of the character. Within a journal article made by Nicolle Lamerichs she idealises that the way of cosplaying your characters out to conventions or parties is to show the growth within the dress up culture. She shows this by the oldest cosplay convention that dates back to the 1960s to 70s when Star Trek and Star Wars became quite famous and fans wanted to be them.

The explanation Nicolle Lamerichs places on cosplaying is, ‘to an outsider, fan costumes might suggest that fans want to look like, or momentarily be, the fictional characters they identify with.’

Source: No date, Habbo Hotel, Game, Sulake, viewed 1st June 2016

Virtual Reality

Within Cyberspace people are often seen as lifeless bodies when communicating through online social networks, games and other platforms. The idea of a body-less identity online has been seen as a separate reality developed just for ‘virtual reality.’ (pg 110, Rob Cover) When people have ‘adopted’ other behaviours to construct a different world to embark in this being found in chatrooms and games. (pg 110, Rob Cover) This also may include the life of a troll online that believes the barriers of the internet’s walls protects and gives them full capability to do what they want without boundaries or circumstances to follow.

Examples of such views can be seen from famous animated chat rooms such as Habbo Hotel while trolls can be viewed upon more social networking websites as YouTube or Facebook. However their identities are either shadowed or disguised most of the time by giving a different name, photo or description.

Source: Doug Bonderud, December 23rd 2013, “Internet Addiction Disorder: When Online is All the Time,” Bandwidth Place, viewed 2nd June 2016


The internet is still classified as something new with it came out just before the 2000s. This can also be said for the devices that come with it being new every year to keep up with the software and updates to improve it continuously. The need to have one and be on it is always placed on an individual’s mind as you see many with them such as Smartphones or Laptops. Though addiction has now been classified for individuals that constantly stay on their devices over a period of time.

The effects have been cased as a need to be online for a period of time to satisfy their needs. The desire to be online to search and scroll through the internet is always on their mind however this is the addiction growing within them that can affect their moods, family life and relationships. If you know of someone who faces these problems please click the link down below to find help.

Source: HRM ONLINE Author unknown, February 23rd 2013,”Diversity breeds good business,”Human Resources Media, viewed 2nd June 2016


While online is a completely different field to outside, the diversity of the people you interact with is quite larger. Rob Cover identifies the wrongful viewed opinion of online, ‘that all persons participate and are represented equally.’ (pg112, Rob Cover) The social setting of online have the capability for more discrimination to unfold over race, gender, religion, and personal disabilities. (pg 112, Rob Cover) The internet has become a place to release opinions and views upon their thoughts of things that happen whether that be truthful or not.

The value of one’s body is questioned when Rob Cover evaluates that due to their participation online within digital interaction and engagement that filters through to their self-esteem. (pg 113, Rob Cover) This is related to the view of a Troll seen online. They manipulate their virtual reality world into their own place to show their opinion on things that might not be true or unrealistic.

Source:  No date or Author,”Don’t fall victim to online vehicle fraud,”L&L Automotive,viewed 1st June 2016

Fear of Victimization

While being an online user of various accounts you are always attacked or victimized in some way or form depending upon the matter at hand. This can include such methods of bullying, harassment, and blaming. This connects to offline quite well because the fact of shaming people online can take two turns, whether they are attacked outside of the online resource or ignored entirely.

An example of this was a study of college students that were victimized and harassed online. They judged that the students believed that the society within offline would be just like that if outside, which Rob Cover identified the common mistake in his book about people’s opinions of the net.  The students would release private information without thinking of consequences if someone used it irresponsibly. The Study concluded that online and offline interaction within this area made people judge and ridicule the victims over pictures or relationships.


The idea I had from the beginning was to compare two things to one another that I was interested in. This being online and offline identities in which I went into more depth to show the effects it places on society, the person, and how it has grown within cultures. I wanted to compare all the information to see the pros and cons of both sides to understand it more myself.

The idea came from both weeks two and three, Looking at ourselves and looking at others. What we lead online is not always seen offline which I found interesting to talk about. We now live in a world centred on technology and the internet that seems to at times take over our lives. I wanted to place this opinion that there are pros and cons to both sides. This made me think when looking at photos because I believe looking at a photo will make you think about things more. I wanted to use my own photos but due to timing that I did not have I had to go for online sources.

I felt very comfortable about doing this area because I am a gamer and I am also a person that owns a lot of devices around my home that made me question the idea one has online compared to offline. I am a person that always turns on their phone first before saying, ‘good morning,’ to my boyfriend when I wake up. However what made me question the offline part was that one of my friends did not use social media that often or found it really weird to use. I found this an interesting thing because when I grew up within the time that the first computer came out everything I picked up on was easy while it seemed the older generations had to question.

When I began with the online side it made me all too familiar with the terms and ways to adapt to the internet. I felt my source was really good because it looked into all the different areas to identify one’s self within the online world not just through social media. This was my first problem that identity online through many articles seemed to solely connect to social media networks rather than other forms. I found my best advantage to fix this problem was to look into other areas rather than just social media.

The major problem I faced though was that sources for my offline side to compare from online seemed very slim as I could not find a full source that had all the information packed into it. So I had to search through various articles and sources that seemed to fit the picture to contrast the online side. The other bad news was that there weren’t that many sources to back up the offline side which proved my ideas a bit seemed in which I fixed by looking into objects more closely.


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Battlefield Went Up A Whole New Level

Okay, first things first to get this out of the way. If you like Call of Duty and not Battlefield than you will of course not be like this Game. Again this is a Battlefield game so when speaking about most of the Multiplayer it is exactly the same but with only a few more different ways to build your classes, enhance your weapons and even many more Game Types to choose from. (Blood Money, Hot Wire and Heists etc) This also does not mean that I believe it is the exact same game because my opinion is that I believe this is the best Battlefield Game I have played. The Multiplayer has always been fantastic to me but this review will not be targeting that.

In this single player campaign, Battlefield Hardline takes on a new perspective from what they originally are famous for. They turned their newest game in an all-out Cops vs Robbers. It is similar to any other game with the options to go guns first or stealth. Depending on the way you arrest or kill the robbers can give you more experience to enhance your skills. (Such as arresting Robbers will give you more experience due to warrants and further evidence)

Your scanner can tag enemies and objects around you. The more you do this you gain experience. Once you get close to your enemy you flash your badge to make them drop their guns and put their hands up. This can stop up to three robbers. Yet they may slip out their gun on you so be weary.

There is a total of 10 episodes through the game that will further unlock more weapons and skills. By completing campaign levels you can receive Battle Packs that are either Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs with weapons, attachment vouchers, and boosts plus more.

You fall into the shoes of a Police Officer by the name of Nick Mendoza. A Young detective that has traveled across the country to bring his former partners to justice and rid the world of no good Robbers and corruption. Sadly I cannot say very much at all about the story as the story itself would be ruined if I went further into it. I recommend everyone playing it for themselves or even buying the game as it is really fun to play with friends and the story unfolds quite interestingly.


I am a major fan of Pop Vinyls, who isn’t? I love to collect them and display them all around the house! I swear I am not creepy ahaha! I thought for once in my blogs that is doesn’t always have to be targeted about one game but maybe a variety of things. So, what else do Geeky Gamers love more? Geeky Collectables of course!

If you a lover for Movies, Tv Shows or Even Games than I swear to you that this is something you will love. Pop Vinyl’s are figurines that you can either display in their original boxes or outside them! With so many characteristics and the ability to have such a wide variety makes it even more fun!

Plus if you are looking to get a bargain with these than I would say go to either DVD World in Warrawong, Popcultcha online or even at the Easter show in Sydney at the moment! ($15-17) They are very cheap and way too adorable to miss! Just look at them!

Current Gamer News!

I stumbled upon a conversation between some of my classmates this week on Battlefront. They were all overly excited and hesitant about what DICE will be doing with the game. Ever since the release of the trailer it has only left us with excitement and utter longing to find out when the release date is.

News has finally appeared to maybe bring a little shine to our eyes even if we have not been given the full picture. DICE will be appearing next month at the Star Wars Celebration held in California.  I thought when I heard this news the simplest question, WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?! Hopefully we will find out next month.

You Comment, I Post!

So… I asked you guys what games I should try out and I have chosen some that really stood out to me. Whether they are bad or good I will try and give my opinion about them. 

Kushtown, Particles, Sensitivity, Difficulty.

QuickScope Simulator
Okay… I knew my friends would put this up so I am just going to get it out of the way now. My opinion is simple and cut to the point. I do not like this game. I think it is silly however I do believe it is fun. (Sometimes!)

Quickscope Simulator is a game poorly created that has hit big ‘somehow’ even though it shows a lot of brands in its game such as Xbox, PlayStation, Pokémon, Call of Duty, Mountain Dew, Sonic, Minecraft, MLG and whatever else you can think of because it is there. The game is only on PC.

A little bit crazy... This was on a 1000 Particles per kill.
A little bit crazy… This was on a 1000 Particles per kill.

So WARNING do NOT play this game if you are prone to epilepsy.  I am very thankful that the game features at the beginning the copyright materials and acknowledges that it all belongs to their rightful owners.

The main screen is straight away a picture of ‘Nuketown’ just changed to ‘KushTown.’ You will hear a lot in the background like screaming, memes or swearing. You can change the difficulty, sensitivity and the Particles to ‘somehow’ enhance the game to make it whatever way you like. The game also features now expansion packs. It is very buggy, graphics are horrible and I could go on and on however it can be enjoyable to pass the time and give a bit of a laugh with friends but I would not play it for long. 

Once you get a Kill streak you get to use your care package, this one was the pokeball where Charzard will kill everyone near you.
Once you get a Kill streak you get to use your care package, this one was the pokeball where Charzard will kill everyone near you.

The main aim of the game is to use your mouse, point and click to fire at the enemy. (You can also change your enemy in the settings from Call of Duty Soldiers to Shrek) Your main aim is to get as many kills as you can in order to get a kill streak but it’s pretty easy to get heaps. You also get care packages which are chosen at random to help you destroy everyone in mainly one go which you can choose from Weed and a poke ball along with a couple more.


Transistor, Red.

A very fascinating game that I haven’t come across before strangely. I can tell why this game is meant solely for PC and PlayStation in order to capture ever line of detail within the art work created to make this 3D graphic book style as the graphics are enhanced immensely. The artwork shown is quite beautiful as the pastel colours are mixed in with a new sense of darkness or brightness.

The game was released in May of this year on the 20th. Transistor is a Sci-fi/Action packed RPG which encourages the player to explore a new futuristic world where they wield an extraordinary large unknown weapon to fight off robotic creatures. It is a fast paced strategic planning game that is also consumed in a very deep story depth atmosphere.

Art Style, Colours, Processors, Red, Transistor.

The game seems to unfold as follows… You play the character ‘Red’ a superstar who seems to be a singer. The beginning comes in quick as you seem to be shown what information is needed of your character background instantly. However in the gameplay before it revealed more of what the story holds. She is a target, threatened by five assassins however she is not alone. (A normal action packed adventure story) The weapon she wields slips away during the commotion and transports her across the city in mere seconds and the assassins go on the hunt. As you can see in the multiplayer it is very interesting how the relationship is placed upon the adventure they both undertake as the man lying there is actually someone she knows however the weapon was in that man which creates mystery.  His consciousness is consumed into the weapon and it places the question, ‘Who is he?’

The beginning of the actually game begins with your character speechless but strangely your weapon speaks. How the weapon speaks to Red is interesting as it is not in a friend tone but in a way of a relationship “Back together again…” I kind of enjoy the voice of the weapon as it is very deep and sounds very soft however it kind of makes me feel uneasy at times rather than actually calming. It is only revealed few minutes later that the assassins had took reds voice. You also slowly upgrade your different abilities quite easily as it’s by the amount of experience you gather from the robots (known as processors) which is like most games.

This game is really fascinating and I quite adored the plot which I believe I should not reveal any more for people to take on the game themselves to experience it. I do believe one thing that might put people off by the game is the repetitive actions might actually get annoying at times unless you enjoy RPG games.

Microsoft, Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings.

Age of Empires 2
Age of Empires is one of my classics for PC, to be honest it was the first game, sadly besides Sims that I ever played on PC. Mainly because of my brothers were huge fans of it. The game has really evolved over time to make such events historical or fake become so realistic that you feel that your there and control your side.

Battlefield Scenario, Multiplayer, Classic Gaming.

Age of Empires is basically a point and click game however it involves tactical planning and movements in order to conquer all. It’s a tactical war simulation game that gives you the ability to create your own civilisation. You can build your city in whatever you want, create more defence and put up a wall, make lots of troops to defend the city but not just create and make… Command the people to do what you want in the battlefield. You can even do historical scenarios relevant to the time period and events that happened to whoever you choose.

The game is really a simple and easy game to follow even without a storyline half the time. You just take control of it all. Other games I would recommend besides the other Age of Empire Games would be Total War: Rome. Brilliant game.