Shall we push towards Recreational laws for Weed?

This is an interview with Cory Lagan on his opinions upon the speculation of how Marijuana is seen within Australia and the impact the laws have placed upon them. The next question is, should Marijuana be legalised recreationally?

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EN: Eloise Neto (Reporter)
CL: Cory Lagan (Interviewee)

EN: Hello my name is Eloise and I am joined with Cory to talk about Marijuana and the laws within Australia. What do you believe its affect has on society medically and recreationally?

CL: Well… Marijuanas affect on society medically is that it has a lot of positive benefits and that it is used to help patients with all sorts of problems.  Recreationally its used by people just to relax and have a good time. Just the same sort of thing as Alcohol.

EN: How can you compare that to Alcohol and Tobacco?

CL: Well Marijuana compared to Alcohol and Tobacco, Marijuana is much safer to use then either. There has been zero cases of overdose from Marijuana and studies have shown that you would have to consume a pound in 15 minutes to risk overdose.

EN: However with the increase in the amount of people using it, A survey showed that about 14.8% of Australian secondary school students between 12-17 had used marijuana before. Do you fear an increase in the number of teens using it?

CL: Well making it legal medically isn’t going to affect the recreational use of it because it will be controlled only for patients. But if made legal recreationally it will be easier for adults to try it but at least it will be a lot safer as you will know that it is not going to be laced with anything and the average person won’t have to engage in criminal behaviour to consume it


EN: There was a law just passed in February of this year about agreeing to medical use of Marijuana. Are you for or against that?

CL: I am for it one hundred percent. It was only made legal federally in Australia and its been made so that you are able to get a medical licenses to either grow it or to purchase it. So for now it is just up to each individual state in Australia to decide whether or not the want medical cannabis.

EN: They are actually talking about laws to pass it for recreational use. What do you think of that?

CL: It is just a plant that is grown in the ground. It is not something that is chemically made. It is just natural. The actual drug itself unlike drugs such as Alcohol theat while they Affect your brain they kill off the brain cells because Alcohol gets broken up by your liver into toxins that kill your brain cells. All the chemical THC does is it binds to the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain. Which every single living thing has, and what the endocannabinoid system actually does is help regulate stress and your moods.

EN: This has been a talk on Marijuana with Cory Lagan and Eloise Neto. Thank you very much.

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