Just a little bit About Me!

Hello Everyone on the Internet!

Hello my name is Eloise Lysundra Neto. I am an 18 year old first year student who is attending the University of Wollongong studying in a Bachelor of Communications and Media. I will be majoring in Journalism and professional writing. My goal and passion is to show everyone my love for gaming as I want to become a journalist, reviewer and presenter for a gaming industry one day.

I live in the suburb of Flinders which is 30 minutes away from the university but an hour and a half on the bus each way. I come from a very big family of pure blood Portuguese but I was born here in Australia. I have worked three to four years at my local store of Blockbuster Warilla which is an amazing job to have and hold. As well as participated in various volunteering activities for my community.

I am always seen as the ‘Sweetest’ or ‘Nicest’ person you will ever meet as well as a creative being. I love music, I have played piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute and guitar, and even I have a vast amount of interest in a lot of music areas. I am a lover for sports such as kick boxing and Karate as I did Karate for five years and achieved my brown belt. I love movies and show though my deep and greatest passion for video games.  I have made plenty of friends and best friends who I love to hang out with. Though I may be shy at first when making new friends, I come out of my shell quite too easily and then never will be quiet. Though I must warn anyone if you fight me in games or a debate is prepared…

Basically Im the BIGGEST GAMER around! I have a great passion for games as I have played them all my life. I play so many different games on various consoles in hope to learn and achieve everything possible from them all. Especially the knowledge behind the games and consoles themselves.

This Blog will be targeted around my BCM110 AND BCM112 Subjects and I hoped you enjoyed my introduction.