Giving the People What They Want

Aggregators are the ones who operate the distribution of information through networks online and specifically filter interests that cater not to the passive audiences of legacy distributors.  Aggregators will take the information in which is flowing enormously through the data in which we create to eliminate the limits of space and scarcity. In order to pin point information in which can be further shared or found to be considered a niche product.

Without this elimination process physicals stores would be able to have that online presence that cannot be shown just through the store alone. This is the distributor’s job to keep the product going and working towards the customers that physically going into the stores rather than the aggregators that supports the other 80% that take on the long tail effect of the markets niche.

A simple example to provide a better understanding to this topic can be Blockbuster, the video store compared to Netflix. A video Store may only hold a certain number of movies rather than Netflix is connected to online aspects that places further areas in reach to have a bigger library than that of a store. This gives you more accessibility, availability and easily viewable within your own home to search for whatever movie you may favour that might not have been at the store.