The Player vs The Person

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People that play online games are not always who they say they are or act the way they would normally. It is the perspective that by sitting on a computer, anonymous and with no true hint of who they are is what makes them lead entirely different lives.  This act and attitude is normally seen online known as ‘Trolls.’ They are anonymous people who join or interrupt certain groups to cause disruption or become very rude towards people’s opinions especially to that of the women.

Women in the gaming world of online games are always targeted by the male persona’s as they are seen as easy targets to sexually abuse and verbally abuse etc. Many females are targeted by this as the gaming industry is owned by males, so it leads to a male background where females are meant to be doing the womanly role of cleaning and cooking. However due to the change in roles of women and how much control they have now, make them challenge themselves. It places the question…

“When did faceless men decide it was acceptable to take it upon themselves and threaten women online with death threats, rape threats, violence and sexism?”- Karalee Evans

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It is a proven point because once women speak the threat begins without giving them a chance. Women need to challenge this behaviour to the more dominant males which are shown in the quote…

‘”I believe the time for silence is over,”‘-Laurie Penny

2014, The Confidence Gap, The difference between males and females, The Atlantic, viewed 15th May 2014,

This quote is aimed at Laurie Penny’s life that has been impacted by trolls of misogynist men however links to the impact upon women’s values being seen in society which is misleading and incorrect to only be for a male persona.

This strand between the real people and the fake is so different that it can never be seen to connect who is who. That is why it is not only targeted in the gaming area but also social media platforms containing personal information or photos that can be leaked.

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Do I just Click or Do I Act?

The year 2014 has the internet and social media’s control of the entire world’s views. Social media is what everyone strives to know and learn from daily. Such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter replay and re-tweet relevant news in our everyday lives. In what way we take that action or attitude and display it through these platforms is up to the consumers themselves. However, is it right for us to just re-tweet an illness we are trying to be aware of in the world and engage those to help share and post even if that only passes around a picture rather than money or should we take charge and roam the streets longing for answers and people to get involved?

Examples of Awareness campaigns are such as Kony, #BringBackOurGirls and #NoMakeUpSelfie. These small campaigns that grew large through a number of shares and posts  reached worldwide as it was not only a community helping but people from across the globe over the internet clicking to view or like a video or picture and even pass it on. This action is both negative and a positive. It is negative by that of the values and beliefs we as independent people strived to go out and push movements rather than just clicking a button that would not really do much besides acknowledging the awareness.  This is where the term ‘Slacktivism’ originates from as the population become lazy.

Al Jazeera spoke with Henry Giroux in an interview about his beliefs on the youth and where they are heading through movements. “These kids are generally voiceless, and because they’re voiceless, they’re powerless.” He states movements as positives and concludes how powerfully constructed they are to the youth society in giving ones voice while this connects to people who just click being still classified as the voiceless people.

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Ongoing Remix


“Remixing is defined as the act of rearranging, combining, editorializing, and adding originals to create something entirely new.” – Matt jessell

The Remix Culture has been talked about for a very long  time. The issue is nearly all the same, as it all comes down to originality and copyright.  The Remix culture stands out more in the music industry but it also plays a massive part in movies, when collaborating clips together even mash ups of shows.

An example would be of DJs in Australia who remixed songs from the common band ‘Green Day,’ making a big uproar on copyright issues globally. Yet a quote stands out stating, “The situation, say some, is the perfect example of how copyright laws – in Australia and overseas – are not keeping up with the digital era and are stifling creativity.” (Queensland University of Technology)

This is a proven point. The people who remix are of different ages and some are amateurs.  Technology adaptation is what pushed the beginning of Remixing, downloading, torrents and so forth. It is what brings the Remix Culture to life and maybe even take its own genre. The effect of advancement as well as the media’s effect upon the user is what places people to be creative and make their own music, own voice or opinion in a way.

Lawerence Lessig states on a positive perspective of it being a “Hybrid Economy” where it will be good for the future to “benefit both commerce and community.” He believes the art of remixing is community based as it tries to stand out and bring people together on a positive note as well as turn to something new.

It is a negative but also positive process that continues to grow with no end. The Copyright issues will always be there even by originality individuals question what is original now? Remixing is a new way of producing music or ones view which is why it is popular and stands out.

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From Books to Reality


Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. Ideally, each medium makes it own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story. (Henry Jenkins)

Transmedia is placing an idea to consume various elements or materials to create a further world of adventure and excitement. This world or famous media is then processed and passed on further to build upon through multiple devices or channels to continue this story. It is when it starts by a book, to a movie, to a series, to a show, to games, to apps and further on.

A major example connected to the Xbox is the Halo Franchise.

The Halo games have made a major impact upon the Xbox. It has gone from graphic novels to animations, figurines and movies even the Windows 8 phones with the new cross of Siri ‘Cortana’ one of the main characters in the Halo games.

‘…Collective intelligence, to refer to new social structures that enable the production and circulation of knowledge within a networked society.’ (Henry Jenkins) Social structures are created in the halo world with the realistic due to the adaption of making ‘Clans’ which battle each other but also can relate to the society with sports such as ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Odd Ball’ both now turned into real sports for a more realistic view of the game within a society.

‘…They introduce potential plots which can not be fully told or extra details which hint at more than can be revealed.’ (Henry Jenkins) This link between hints and learning more from the story through the different ways that Halo has been put across through the different areas example being ‘Halo Wars’ leak on who truly Masterchef was compared to the original games.

The Xbox is a machine that features games with in-depth stories that are passed around. The Xbox supply’s the player with the game rather than a story.  These games put forth various stories which unfold more meaning and impact to the world originally created. In turn, The Xbox does supply people with Transmedia storytelling but only through its games.

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Xbox Produsage

Bruns (2007) describe the 4 major key characteristics of produsage:

Organisational Shift:  Producers of Individuals to wide community placing content.
– The Xbox community has a major fan base of players all over the world. It is a machine ‘made for Gamers by Gamers.’ Xbox is more powerful than its users as it controls what they see within the content of games, places the content and add ons to the Xbox. However this does not entitles the verbal content made from multiplayer chat systems.

Fluid Movement: Role from Leader to participants and users of content.
-Xbox is created for the Community of Players it targets.  It is a console ‘made by Gamers for Gamers’ which stabilises the role between Xbox and Player. However this is not entirely true as Xbox never gives full power to their players to place content on Xbox systems. Xbox only gives power to the distributors who place games on their consoles with the content they choose. This all comes back to Xbox’s power over all its relationships with gamers and distributors as it always has the last say for its content.

Unfinished: Never fully finished and always improving.
– The Xbox machine is always being recreated into bigger and better machines to provide ‘entertainment’ for ‘all audiences.’ However the Xbox one being a finished product it must continuously be updated, have add ons and new objects for its players to continue to play multiplayer or solo games. These add ons and updates keep the players motivated and edger to buy or wait for improvement to test for themselves.

Permissive: Refers to the content being continuously improving while copyright laws prohibit unauthorised commercial use displays.
-Xbox has rules and regulations that must be abided by however improvement to the content is always continued through updates and add ons rather than content from its players due to its closed software.

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The Xbox Army


The original Xbox was made for gamers by gamers. It focused on the games rather than the media sense it was going to become. This is when the audience grew to teens, children and families due to development and evolution to the console by converging.

The internet was Xbox’s key to success as the access to various media made it converge with other devices. You can download games, music, movies, even short cuts to show on your menu of your account of relevant news or articles or add ons such as YouTube.  Through this access to various websites and information comes with rights and policy’s for all players to abide by. The Three agreements ‘Terms of use,’  ‘Service Agreement’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ come together to help the safety and security of the players account especially that of a child’s account. Where young children playing on the console are kept controlled on their views and access to various websites with controlled multiplayer connections to prevent them from foul behaviour or conflict.

Xbox is a society grown over time to debate and discuss opinions towards the media, news and games etc. This fan base is as if an army who argues the most common question against the other most popular gaming console PlayStation 4 on which is better. This relationship between Xbox and its users shows simply the vast amount of fan base it has towards the machine and its use in society. Reflecting that of consumers and their producer.
tumblr_n35cb1vtdX1qdqlkxo1_500The Xbox One is a successful model of technology that has evolved. The add on to the Xbox One which gave it more success is the Kinect features. The Kinect helped the machine become more realistic without any controllers but your voice and movement. It would follow spoken commands, hand gestures and Skype abilities.

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The Xbox is Evolving

‘The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence’ by Jenkins (2004) supplies the understanding of the thought and perspective of different people’s opinions of what they believe is by the technology being developed and combined with society. It is the machine that converges various devices into one that also ‘alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences.’ (Jenkins, 2004, pg 34)

original– Evolving –
The Xbox one has a continuous view of adapting to new technology and adding in various devices into a single machine. ‘Consolidation.’ (Jenkins, 2004, pg 34) This gives a negative perspective to worry what technology would bring such as ‘our bonds to the extended and even the nuclear family are disintegrating.’  (Jenkins, 2004, pg 35) This view is contrasted by the aspect of where Xbox is heading to as stated “All in one entertainment system built for the family.” But also that the view of technology advancing too much for society to adapt to leading people to cling onto these new technologies for social purposes rather than the old ways of communication.

-The converging of Devices-
Convergence…represents a reconfiguration of media power and a reshaping of media aesthetics and economics.’ (Jenkins,2004, pg 35) Xbox one is a converging machine that has taken devices and added downloadable content to help establish more access and capability to use the internet for further purposes other than just gaming such as movies, music and social media etc. The continuous idea of ‘An all in one system’ is slowly developing and creating this machine built for all purposes and even news related.

The Media Aesthetics of Xbox is the control they have over their players by the amount of advertisement and influence they give to their players to want to buy games and products. Such as the Online system where you have to buy your online membership to continue to play online and get free gold membership games.

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