Microsoft helps transform the Internet of Things

The continuous growth within devices and the use to be online all the time has changed personal interact between individuals. Our eyes are stuck to the screen of our smartphones, television screens or even computer screens. The amount of technology in which we use and interact with on a daily basic it will eventually store the information and data in which we are producing. Such information as simple searches, social networking connects to our name or even where we live to filter us through large amounts of advertisements.

(IOT) The Internet of Things is all about connecting us to various devices that have access to the internet allowing access to one another through multiple access points. An example being Microsoft search to define this in their devices. How Microsoft does this is through its two most popular software items, Windows 10 and Cortana.

Cortana is an A.I. for your Windows Phones, Computers and Console to filter out your interests along with help you in your everyday need. This also has shown that Cortana will remember your further searches or demands as she stores the information away to recap on for next time. Here is one of the examples that Cortana can connect with your internet of things.


5 thoughts on “Microsoft helps transform the Internet of Things

  1. This is a great example of IoT and how it can be used in everyday life. I believe smartphones are going to be pivotal in IoT taking off, and will be used to help control the IoT devices through things like apps.
    Your post engaged well with the concepts of the week and the video really helped demonstrate your points. My only issue was I didn’t quite understand the meme? I’m not sure what it adds to the post. Although maybe that’s just me not understanding the reference! Haha. But good work!

  2. Hi Elly,

    Your specific focus on Microsoft in this post to discuss the IoT is really effective in showing the different aspects to this idea, without straying to far from the point. Really helped me understand the whole notion of IoT through the eyes of one, core business.

    If I could make one suggestion, in the opening paragraph you have written: “The continuous growth within devices and the use to be online all the time has changed personal interact between individuals”. Just a small grammatical error you could fix up with an edit.

    Also I found a link you might find interesting, regarding how the IoT applies to other industries outside of electronics, such as the Australian mining industry: ‪

    Otherwise a great post!

  3. Using Microsoft as an example is really effective!
    I personally didn’t think of Microsoft as an example but it works well with this topic
    Its crazy to think that technology will have all this power in the future and will be able to communicate with us
    Maybe incorporating different sources will make your blog that much better
    Overall Great job!

  4. remytaylor

    I find it amusing that we value our devices so much that we now believe they aggregate information on their own. When in fact we actually are the ones feeding them the data every single day without even realising nor thinking about it.

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