Cyber crime and Cyber Bullies

The internet is a big and open world to create whatever you like and to do whatever an individual would like however a lot of people do not understand how powerful that can become. With the advancement of technology and continuous use of the internet people become so connected with their devices that it can be their biggest weaknesses when being targeted by cybercrime.

With Cybercrime it depends upon the target in which the individual is attacking them with and being that we are so used to using our devices like our wallets it now may contain all our passwords, card accounts, private information and more. This can go into further attacks on fraud and identity theft online.

People need to understand the use of the internet and how they use it in their everyday lives, even though a lot of negative can come out of a device that we use for so much personal use. It can be changed around. An Individual still has the freedom and accessibility to get the knowledge of the software they use to help themselves protect them or even one another.

Yet Cybercrimes are not always bad because there is always the chance the individual might be looking into further areas to help society or further organisations. E.g. ‘Anonymous’ from my last post.


3 thoughts on “Cyber crime and Cyber Bullies

  1. This post points out such a scary but true point, ill admit i buy a lot of my stuff online and to think that all my stuff is just sitting there for someone to hack is a scary thought. theres the case of Hilary Clintons emails getting hacked or the UK news phone scandal where they hacked a bunch of celebrities phones…i think its something we all need to be more cautious of 🙂

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