Anonymous can see you

Hackers are known as people who wondering around the dark side of the internet, lurking around each corner hoping to find your weak point to tear you apart in some way or form through online. Hacktivism is defined as,

“the use of computers and computer networks to promote political ends, chiefly free speech, human rights, and information ethics” (Davis, D 2015).

However individuals rather believe that Hackers are the Killers not the victim yet they fight for the weak people in creating their own revolution. This is not in turn saying that they target grudges on organisations and higher companies. This is both their positive and negative approach they have on society.

An example is ‘Anonymous,’ a network of activists and hacktivists that have made their presence known over the years in various ways of events that are impacted through social networks and hacking into various programs.


Davis,. ‘Hacktivism: Good Or Evil?’. ComputerWeekly. N.p., 2014. Web. 20 Oct. 2015.


5 thoughts on “Anonymous can see you

  1. The first couple of sentences were captivating and made me want to continue and read your blog good job!
    Hacking can definitely be confronting and choosing Anonymous is the perfect way show how much hackers can do to corporations and individuals
    I would of loved to hear your opinions more though on this topic

  2. This whole post, particularly your title, really worked well in conveying that sense of the “unknown” that comes with organisations like Anonymous that are infamous for their unpredictable attacks on certain individuals or organisations.

    Your meme made me laugh, but I was a little confused as to how it tied into your post underneath (that might just be me failing to see the connection though). Try linking it a little more to the post if possible.

    Take a look at this article regarding the recent CIA email hacking, and the moral ambiguity that comes with cases such as this:

  3. remytaylor

    No one really knows why a hacker hacks. The intention is there but surely there’s a psychological process or somewhat ‘voice in head’, ‘devil vs angel’ type thing going on. In my blog post I talked about the need to focus less on the hacking and more on the hacker. That way we can understand where this concept is coming from. I feel as if i’m attracted to ‘the dark side’ of hacking as there’s something there that I would like to further understand.

    Especially the examples like Anonymous where there are little to no monetary motivations behind what they do.

    Well written, good visual work 🙂

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