Reflection for BCM240

I will admit at first that my blogs this semester was not as good as my last one because I took up a new job that consists of me being there around 4 – 5 days a week plus a lot of health issue arose. Not only had this happened but a lot of family things had come up that pushed me over the edge to stand back from the university. My problem became that balancing life was hard, the blogs on top I would forget and have to come back to from time to time doing two or three at the same time to keep up.

However after thinking intensely about my life I really stuck my head down and thought, that we all need to get away and find that motivation to push forward. That is what I was missing. Having two subjects to blog every week brought me more confusion and falling into a never ending hole that I did not know how to get out of. Even though I am making this sound more about my life, no its more about the problems I had to overcome to start getting back on track to blogging and why I love it plus this subject which I really enjoyed.

People forget that you need some sort of motivation to keep you going, without motivation leads to distractions and never getting your work done. If it wasn’t for my boyfriend that started getting me out of the house day by day before work or after I would not have gotten my motivation back. The key is relaxation, balance and a chance to get away from it all.

I found that motivation was what I was missing all along, working too many hours, focusing on other things really threw my head in a different direction. I saw this change with my last blogs, I started putting in extra clips, links and tags for the fun of it that I began to enjoy it as much as I used to.

I know that my engagement with other students could have been better which I hope to improve on in other subjects. I enjoyed reading various blogs and commenting. I am hoping to expand on following more people so that I can begin to read more blogs and start getting chatter going. Though I would admit that the more clips and relevance to say television series brings people in which makes a connection that I found interesting. Another tip with blogs I would say is always the heading, it is my weakness most times to get a good sentence or phrase even questions but you just have to test them out and read them out loud. Lastly, always place in some humour or even a bit of laughter because that’s what people enjoy most is to be happy even if it is a few seconds long.

I believe the way in which the blogs was conducted each week was good because it not only just placed us behind a screen to write what ever came to our head, no. I loved more of the interaction weeks where I would get to interview people, look at my surrounds, go out to view different public spaces and even to value things around my work. People don’t think that research and work can be easy or even simple which is wrong because we gather information everyday however we choose to neglect it or forget it because we do not think it is useful.

Technology is a way in which we gather most of our information. I found this topic to be my light switching on because it is what I am interested in and what I would love to talk about. My life as a Gamer is always to tell people the amazing side towards technology however this subject has pushed me to value my judgements on my own devices. I was so baffled by the research and resources over various weeks of technology and the pains that come with it. Currently for my other subject DIGC202 Global Networks it became very useful for my final report on about, ‘The Empire Microsoft Bringing People Together,’ to make me think twice about what I am going to follow.

To be honest I have found very life changing situations throughout this subject as it has made me think twice about a lot of things. To value, to cherish, to connect and even branch out. I do not know if I can say this for everyone but it really made me think how I take on my life. An example being the family blog about private/public spaces with devices, I thought to myself it could not be that bad but when I found the resources for my blog it was so interesting to see this impact in action.

So I will tell you a story to end this reflection but believe me I’ll get to my point quickly. Today it was like 30 degrees, my boyfriend told me that we should go to the beach. For a little bit of relaxation time I agreed before completing my reflection. We spent 3 hours out in the sun and water and it was really amazing but what hit me was what my boyfriend said at the end of it all.

“It is so good to see all these people out at the beach instead of in front of a screen.”

I literally stopped, stared out at the packed out beach and thought that it was really so fascinating to see people out there. It even brought to my attention various other topics in which we talked about across the semester. A man had a GoPro and was taking pictures while trying to not get people in it even though people actually were avoiding him. A moment where I forgot my phone at home (5 minutes from the beach) that I could not take my mind off. I really enjoyed this subject because now I can think more about this in my life.


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