You Know That We are Still Here right? *Pays Attention to Phone

My Father, Fred Neto aged 53 remembers coming to Australia at the age of 15-years-old with his mother, father, two brothers and 3 sisters. They did not have much money and had to work hard to afford a living in Australia with all the siblings taking up jobs along with their father. My Father lived in a nice little 3 bedroom family home in Port Kembla right near the ocean, with a backyard used to be shrouded with grape vines tangling from the roof tops with a herbed garden that continued to grow without end. It was beautiful and we still have the house currently but future plans will be set in motion to let the house go.

When I asked my father about what he remembered of the first television he had remarkably stopped in his tracks, raised his hand to his chin, stared up at the ceiling and thought for a minute. The living room was held together with nice creamy textured walls, with a carpet that they held onto since they had arrived with a fine rough material with all different colours. The couches kept that creamy flow going as the leather glowed more of that cream and gave a squeak as you sat down. On the back wall was a massive glass cabinet with a variety of memorabilia plus a coffee table alone on the side of the room. The television itself sat on top of another cabinet right in the corner of the room.

“Everybody wanted to watch a bit of TV. We were so fascinated by the new technology of it and it was exciting because it was always changing every day. Everyday! Than they eventually got better and better and was a major part I think in our lives.”- Fred Neto.

He expanded his view of the television by comparing how televisions look today from how they used to. “It was a massive box that was the size of a Computer Screen but a bigger back.” He explained to me that the television before never had colour like now but for plain black and white. My father said that it was always hard to watch television especially in such a big family because everyone would always fight for it but that they were more of a fit family that always went out to surf, play soccer and football. So I gathered that they were interested in the television however it did not stop them from their everyday duties but brings more of relaxation.

“We all used to have to watch Mat Lock or a cowboy movies. Cowboy movies were very exciting, we used to love watching them because it was just so different. Mat Lock was a police detective show, we used to love watch the chasers and the crimes. I don’t remember much sport on the tv.” – Fred Neto

I was very surprised with my father when he began to smile over the fact of these shows which must have had a deep connection to him with his family. He expressed that it was what brought the family together every night to talk to one another and watch something before bed, it was a routine.

The next question I asked my father did the impact of domestic broadband change the way we understand the experience and meaning of home, or is this a continuation of earlier technological impacts on place?

My father explained that the internet was an interesting and even more fascinating device than the television. He currently owns a LG television that still looks like a massive big brick in the middle of the room, a Samsung 50inch in the bedroom, a smartphone, a laptop, computer desktop and even his own tablet.  Even though he has a lot of devices he normally sticks to his smartphone and computer because he likes to go on the simple social networking websites such as Facebook, Gumtree and ebay.

When he elaborated on the question he choose that technology has become a continuation within the place called home. My reason why I believe my father felt this way more was because I have two older brother and we all grew up within the era of the internet and computers. So my father became a technician helping us one by one understand the internet and how to connect. He made us all understand about the computers and how the internet worked in his way of thinking that now my brothers and I feel as if we are experts in our own way. It is an adaption that has changed us from the television to now on our computers to be all together and chatting over this technology.

“It is a change, but also a continuation because it is not the room that has changed but the device in its own way. I still watch the television and I guess stick to my own ways but my kids on the other hand have their heads down on the computer screens rather than away from them.” – Fred Neto

My father made a great point in this quote which can also go back to his point on interaction with the television when he was younger. The interaction in which we all do now a days all comes down to how I believe you were raised. My father tries to bring all the devices with the people together like the television did back in his day in which I see how I’ve grown up to understand not to lose that key motive to always connect away from the device as well. I believe this is what is missing with our society because more people are growing up in the age of technology that they seem to forget the other side to communication.

“You must always remember it is just a screen, we still need to chat and talk at the dinner table without something on.” – Fred Neto


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