A Bridge of Pebbles that has changed the Media

The world has evolved from regularly buying your newspaper from outlets around the corner, turning on your radio or television to listen to the news because it has all moved online. All the old routines have been lost and absorbed into the internet, this can even be classified for how people now buy and look for their news.

Media has changed into mere conversations, opinions and mass broadcasting. As Roland Barthes states, ‘text is a tissue of quotations.’ The way we find our media has now been focused on looking at our social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook and other articles online. However the difference in this age is that more people have the ability to become the ‘Prosumers’ rather than just the ‘Consumers.’

An example being Reddit, it contains so many forums and bloggers that the instant they gather information it’s already posted online. This is the impact from ‘Gatewatchers’ that release short, early information that is distributed over and over again. This is the problem for journalists and reporters where they must fight for their work to be seen instead of publishing their work everywhere.

Axel Bruns:  ‘Relies less on first hand investigative research and the ability to compose succinct news stories, and more on information search and retrieval skills especially in online environments.’

The key to understand the mass flow of information is that it becomes the ‘bridge of pebbles’ where you can trust the information. When seeing a large amount of content spark interests you would see so much information that backs up one after the other leading it to not be false, rumoured or even worthless.

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4 thoughts on “A Bridge of Pebbles that has changed the Media

  1. Great blog!
    I like how you’ve elaborated on the shift from newspapers to online media instead of simply stating that it has occurred like many others.
    I personally believe that the impact of citizen journalist has made a qualified journalist’s role more difficult. I think it’s definitely a good thing as it will separate the quality from the quantity.

  2. I’ve never really thought of people being able to post on social media as prosumers until DIGC. The idea is actually astonishing yet, something totally understandable as we are becoming our own journalist through technology that allows us to spread and follow culture and news stories that we were simply unable to do before. I particularly liked how you added the example of reddit as a platform that embraces citizen journalism. Great work! The addition of further links would have further assisted in what you were pointing out; especially with Reddit.

  3. Interesting post! You have used a wide range of sources from the lecture material and other multimedia to argue your point. I particularly liked your point about how aggregation is a big threat to traditional journalism, as it allows online content to pass around more freely than traditional content that can only be found from the one source.

    Perhaps a little more of your personal opinion on citizen journalism, might have added another aspect to this post, but otherwise great work. Here is a link regarding Reddit and the danger citizen journalism poses on an aggregation platform that you might find interesting: http://www.theplaidzebra.com/how-reddits-citizen-journalism-could-have-led-to-an-innocent-22-year-olds-suicide/

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