Social Networks are leading Revolutions

Social Networks have created a way to connect everyone online that reach to other places around the world. It is a way to find people that are likeminded as yourself to push the ability to help one another, coordinate in finding something or someone for that matter at a rapid pace. It depends upon the action and the repetitive motion of acting out online to be dragged into real life is when a line can be crossed when enough is called for.


Arab Springs with Asmaa Mahfouz’s video action was to call all to come take action that combined two youth movements, Hyde Park and ThinkMoldova.  They had continuously been protesting through social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The result brought a large number of people, estimated to be between hundreds to thousands to protest in Chisinau’s central square, Piața Marii Adunări Naționale. The protest unexpectedly turned violent with people throwing stones at the parliament building which was set on fire.

When on the other hand people use the use of connectedness to help themselves with struggles within their lives. Several cases where people had been attacked, their possessions stolen and even are in need of money for medical situations turn to the internet for help. An example, Oksana Makar, a young woman who was gang raped, burned alive and left for dead had survived and named her attackers. It was not till further action was given when her mother videotaped her in large amount of pain which caught attention to in prison the men for life.

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4 thoughts on “Social Networks are leading Revolutions

  1. chloeevics

    I like how you have focused on the collaborative side of social media because thats definitely a crucial element. although the video was a bit upsetting, it was great to have in this post because it provided proof and context behined the voilence of these active movements. I also really like the cartoon, although it looks like not much is happening, its the cumulative affect of similar ideals and feelings that draw people together to make a change. good job!

  2. I like that you have successfully applied the concept of collaborative social networks to a real life example as this strengthens your argument but I would have like to have read more in regards to the effects of social networks and how they are changing the way people communicate. You briefly touched on how social networking sites have helped raise awareness in the case of the Arab Springs but I was left wanting to know more about how the networks were utilised and why they were so effective.

  3. Hi Elly!

    The idea that we are ‘dragged into real life’ really broadened by notion of digital activism. You are right in the fact that social media is acting as a medium to distribute content to make us aware of situations around the world, when we may only be motivated by emotions such as sadness and pain, where your video of Oksana Makar exhibited this. It is important to note that digital activism also uses light-hearted and comical ways of engaging user participation. For example, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Really enjoyed reading x

  4. The video was upsetting to watch but it was good to have it in your blog as it makes it stronger
    Having an example from real life shows strengthens your argument and makes people understand it better
    Having a more light hearted example that everyone can relate to would be another thing you should consider putting in your blog.

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