Do you want an Apple or an Android?

If you go through the search bar and put down, ‘Apple vs Android’ there would be endless articles to read on why one is better than the other. There is never a clear decision to be made on which is preferred all over because it matters upon the individuals opinion.

On NSI Total IT Support I wanted to analyse the key positives and negatives to both these devices to narrow down to the software itself. There are two different models are open or closed.

An open model is a software in which allows Larger developer support, customizable, security and extended community support. This is targeted towards the Android software. The Android software itself gives you wide access to changing the font and format of how you want your phone to look while also creating a lot of barriers to keep you safe from viruses. Its extended community support can be further focused upon on either how much people contribute to the app store itself to connecting to further devices around your home. This statement further connects to larger developer support as other devices can than connect to your phone for greater usage. E.g. Samsung Watch.

A closed Model is something in which people classify to be simpler for its users as in same look and style without being able to customise. It is a unified experience in which is believed to gather more profit due to its narrowed down cut. This is targeted towards Apples software. A simple and easy software that is very popular and easy to use.

To conclude the war will never end between Android and Apple even for that of Apple and Windows because it depends upon the individual’s opinion. Would you prefer comfortability?  Or Simplistic? However both are quite the same with just different Models.


Chris. V, 2015, NSI Total IT Support, Connecticut IT Managed Services Blog, viewed 11 September 2015,


One thought on “Do you want an Apple or an Android?

  1. It’s definitely interesting to see how differently the two companies do business. I particularly like your choice of Samsung ad as it shows the way the companies will leverage these specific difference in their favour. Samsung has the opportunity to say “we have functions perfectly suited to you and iPhones can’t match that” so that’s what they advertise based on. They notably don’t mention simplicity, instead choosing to focus on range of capabilities because that’s where they can beat Apple hands down. It’s an intriguing comparison to make.

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