Let us go to the Movies!

Homework for this week’s blog in BCM240 was to plan and undertake a trip down to our local cinema. This had to focus on the key areas that are the three constraints that Torsten Hagerstrand identified as capability, coupling and authority.

Capability: Refers to the limiting of human movement due to physical or biological factors (Corbett 2011)

During my planning I found that I had to be cautious on what day and time a movie would be on due to my work and University Schedule. I would also classify that I had to be picky with what cinema I went to due to transport and parking.

Coupling: refers to the requirement of being in a certain place for a set amount of time, often in the company of others (Corbett 2011).

This restraint did not affect me because I went to the cinema with my friends and my boyfriend because I do not like to go alone to such social events. I was also very lucky to have found a gap of free time within my normal schedule that I did not have to worry or pick up my pace to finish the movie on time.

Authority:  refers to spaces that are controlled by people or institutions who can place limits on access to these spaces by individuals or groups (Corbett 2011).

This was the last restraint before we were given permission to access the movie. The first problem is that the movie was MA 15+, we are all above the ages of 18+ plus money wise we all new how much was needed. The last thing was for us to show our tickets in order to provide proof of our purchase before being fully aloud in. This was the boundaries that always must be followed in cinemas.

Now to the examination and observation of the movie theatre regarding about movie attendance in 5 to 10 years’ time.

The Movie I decided to view was ‘American Ultra’ which recently came out the day before because I wanted to judge how popular this movie would be the second day. The movie featured the two main actors Jesse EisenBerg as Mike Howell and Kristen Stewart as Phoebe. The time of the movie was at 9:30pm due to late thinking plus Shellharbour Cinema was only showing the movie compared to my closer cinemas to home.

I found one problem with my plan as I took off with my boyfriend and I, we needed to pick up people. This made us late and hard to plan all ourselves to be in one place as it seemed half were at the cinema and half were somewhere else entirely. We arrived and reunited with 10 minutes to spare this was our time to collect our food and tickets before the cinema opened.

Once arriving we saw a lot of people exciting the venue however the line seemed quite continuous with the amount of people coming in. We were only in line for 4 minutes and it took another few to order food. We sat in row E directly in the middle, comfy red seats and an average amount of people to attend a move however all scattered. The trailers began and discussion all ended.

From time to time people would bring out their phones or a flash of light would flicker, it seemed all too natural to bother people unless it made a sound. As a comedy and action movie it created a lot of audience noise that stirred everyone to make the same reaction. I believed it was a very silly yet hilarious action packed movie to bring your friends to.

My evaluation would conclude that by my experience people need to be committed and interested in the movie to want to go. More people are consumed in their media devices and online content that they have either forgotten the cinema experience completely or do not care to do the social activity. It creates way to social and connect but it always depends on the persons interests and hobbies. My view for the next 5 to 10 years is that the Cinema experience will most likely continue to live on even though the world is becoming more technology wise we would still like the experience. It all depends upon the movie connecting to peoples interests to gather people to come down which does happen from such movies as ‘Jurassic World’ or ‘Avengers.’


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