Where is your Media Space?

A Media Space is found through any electrical device that supplies social networking services that connect us to people in some way either through reality or virtual. Not only does it supply a space for you talk and find people but also to target your key interests to engage in or even share with others. It exists due to the evolution of technology and because of the easy access everyone has to a device that gives this ability, such as computers, phones, tablets, laptops and even gaming consoles.

My name is Eloise and I am very connected to my devices whether it be my computer, my gaming consoles and my phone. As a student in my second year studying a bachelor of communication and media majoring in journalism and professional writing I love to always hop on Facebook and YouTube to find news and my interests. This is not only for myself but also for my group.

I help out with one of the clubs at the university called the Video Gaming Association as the Engagement Manager that always updates the Facebook page for our viewers to interact with relevant content that everyone likes.   I am constantly on the page updating, sharing, posting to get people to interact and engage with one another either through events or just online.

Xbox-One-dashboard   Source

I want to bring up a device that is normally not referred to as a Media Space, a gaming console. A Gaming console is very similar to either your computer or even your phone. How is due to the fact that you can contact your friends, make new ones, access online information and even now with the new generation technology it has become more of a social networking style that shares, posts and likes.

Technology has advanced so much in our devices that we don’t socialize like we used to. We are consumed in these devices as it gives us easy access to the internet and resources that we find interesting. Also to point out, ‘Media Space’ has in the wording ‘A Space’ that takes us away from the world that is why it is so popular.

POWER_for_the_PEOPLE          Source 


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