Is Technology Taking away our Jobs?

“The trademark accessories of white collar work—the desktop, the file and the phone—are now easily available on mobile devices that are celebrated for bringing the office wherever one may go” (Greg, M, p. 4)

This might be considered as bad or good, depending on the way you approach it. The term, ‘Liquid Labour’ is identified as a shift in the labour force that previous work within industrial workplaces will eventually change or adapt to a modern area. Such as the quote refers to above, these devices are bringing us closer together by making our workplace online or interactive through our devices. But is this entirely true?

I believe that since the start of the expansion into a new era with the NBN this can be a clear example of it. The NBN is being further advertised to bring people closer and make your work places grow at home. Even though this is beginning to be a slow process and people are questioning the health factors of continuous concentration on these devices, would we become so consumed that maybe it might place us further at risk with jobs or health?

Gregg, M n.d., Function Creep: Communication Technologies and Anticipatory Labour in the Information Workplace, viewed 18 August 2015,


15 thoughts on “Is Technology Taking away our Jobs?

  1. Your integration of the South Park YouTube video was hilarious, I like the way you linked that aspect of pop culture to a subject matter that is occurring in contemporary society. Your view on the NBN was interesting and I like the angle that you took – considering the future that would occur after integration and whether or not we would become completely consumed, therefore resulting in negative impacts. I myself, believe that there would be pro’s and con’s of this integration, but at the point I’m not sure which side would win. Sure all these technological advances are quite prominent but are we as humans not intelligent enough to draw the line where enough is enough? Let me know your opinion.

    1. Thank you! I Love South Park and I thought it was a great thing to start off with and relate it to. Of course, I believe that people do not know when enough is enough but I guess we saw this coming? I agree there are always the pros and cons with this. In a way as to say movies always showed it and documentaries you see always talk about it. It just seems to be a thing that will eventually happen unless we prolong it. But will we ever be able to prolong something such as technology? Maybe..? it depends who you are and your way of thinking and interacting with technology I believe.

  2. Good blog post. You talk quite clearly about the topic and made it very easy for me to follow. The south park reference drew me in initially, which I like! Its a clear example of grabbing someones attention. I also really enjoy the quote at the top of the article, it brought me in even more and made it clear what you were about to talk about.

    However, one point of suggestion. I do believe the remediation task for the blog posts are supposed to be original uploads and not just sharing youtube videos. So I’m not sure theres any actual original remediation going on. Next time just be sure the content you’re sharing as your youtube video, podcast or whatever you chose is original and not just a shared youtube video.

    But nonetheless this is a good blog post and captures what the lecture was discussing. I enjoyed reading it. There is a worry that technology is stealing away a lot of jobs. Bill Gates says himself “People don’t realise how many jobs will soon be replaced by software bots” –

    1. Yeah!The South Park bit was to initially bring people in to something they know or are familiar with. Plus brings some laugh to the read. And thank you. I always love making titles and my work as short and easy as possible to read.

      I do understand your point however that depends on how you post. I know people would make some youtube clips, sound cloud audio’s and further more but I know a few people that have added other youtube clips in their posts. But I did it for a fact to back up my sources or relate it in some way. I will take this on however and see if I can do my own work for the next blogs. Thank you.

      And I love the Bill Gates quote! I never realized that he said that and the reading was awesome! Thank you for that.

  3. I completely agree with the points you make in this post – it’s quite scary how dependant with the Internet and online services to communicate with each other. The Internet has now allowed the term “work from home” to become reality, something that can be debated to be both positive and negative. I discussed both sides of the argument in one of my blog posts ( if you would like to have a look! But again, great post!

  4. Really interesting blog, wish I could read more about the health factors involved with concentration of technological devices . Never really looked at this topic from your angle. Didn’t think to consider this at all, glad you opened up this topic. Wish there was more on types of health issues involved, but overall well presented blog, love that you slipped a south park reference in there.

    1. Yeah, I know I did a lot of health studies back in the day where obesity would increase and just the studies would continue to climb. I did find some sources but sadly lost them now xD But think about it. This connects completely to that of ‘Video Gamers’ and ‘Television Junkys.’ <- Not to say they are bad! Just relating them to the studies of health facters. They would be just like that of the people working at home, sitting down, not getting out of their houses. It would just be a mess.

  5. Hey Elly!
    Interesting angle you took here with the blurring of boundaries between working and personal life! I really liked how you incorporated the South Park clip and how you brought the NBN into it. The NBN video was really good and showed the blurring of boundaries perfectly. I think this presence bleed can be detrimental to health and family bonding, it would be great to see some links to the health issues stuff you were talking about.
    Anyways, really good blog!

  6. This was a great blog! I love the contrast of humour and informative YouTube videos to get your point across. As you said the ‘NBN is advertised as bringing people closer together’, where I can see working from home and the constant connection with digital devices having the opposite effect. I think this change will lead to a lack of motivation and social depression, with less physical and verbal interaction. Good job! x

  7. You raise an evocative point in your last paragraph. Liquid Labour and the new emergence of ‘working from home, from wherever, from not the office’ new mantra does seem as tempting as a pretty slice of cake, but are we failing to address the side effects? With the traditional form of the physical office and 9-5 structure, though in general it may not have been 100% condusive to production, it did instill in us the notion of ‘leave the work at the office’ and not take it home. As in, separating your work from your private life so as to not cloud your personal life with your professional one. Yet with liquid labour we can’t leave it at the office, if there is no office! You draw a nice rhetorical question at the end there, what will be the longterm risks to our mental health, is there a need to take a step back before we dive in? You had an excellent use of a quote to introduce your post, but there is no connection to what it is from. Perhaps include a reference at the end of your post.

  8. Love the South Park clip! It is what first drew me in to further read your blog.
    I also like the quote it definitely fits in with this whole topic and is I agree with Taylorlappin accurate.
    I think however that working from home will slowly make people crazy and their social skills that they have acquired throughout their lifetime might disappear. They might be in danger of becoming depressed or lack the motivation they need to achieve success at work.

  9. Quite an interesting blog. You have clearly given a point there questioning whether if working at home really brings people closer. In my opinion, if everyone are constantly working at home staying connected all the time, you really are not building a healthy family relationship there. Perhaps you are physically visible to them while mentally you are faraway.

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