Have we turned into Cyborgs?

The average person now a days carries around a mobile phone everywhere they go as if it was life or death most of the time. It could be that fact of our connections towards social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter being a simultaneous activity we all must partake in every day. Humans are further seen as these robotic beings that are consumed in the technology we created maybe even Cyborgs which were invaded by the advancement of technology.

A lot of movies and books have continuously been published along the lines of the advancement of technology and Artificial Intelligence that one day is believed to control us or in turn kill us. Such examples can be through, ‘Gamer’ or ‘I Robot,’ films which in turn robots or technology have advanced too much that has either turned on us or consumed us.

Even Stephan Hawking’s mentioned in an interview during the end of 2014 that, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

However the fact of the matter is that it is both the device and the space within the net that people become consumed in. Through the article, ‘Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age,’ the author’s idealized the idea behind what is Cyberspace. They believed it solely consisted on the software used in allowing access and knowledge to be passed around. (Internet)

Quote: “This environment is “inhabited” by knowledge, including incorrect ideas, existing in electronic form.”

Dyson, E., Gilder, G., Keyworth, G., Toffler, A. (1994) Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age


3 thoughts on “Have we turned into Cyborgs?

  1. Really interesting comparison between people and cyborgs, makes you wonder if cyborg and robot are just relative terms to humans. Would people 100 years ago view the level of technological integration we have in our day to day lives as alien or robotic?

  2. The whole idea of cyborgs is quite terrifying when you think about it. Especially if the introduction of artificial intelligence has the potential to “end the human race”. What defines a robot and a cyborg and what would differentiate them from humans in the future? It is such an interesting and complex topic and it would be a great idea to explore this even further.

  3. I found this blog really interesting
    I admit I do carry my mobile phone around quite a lot I bet to some people it looks like I can’t survive without it
    Its crazy to think that cyborgs may be a thing in the future and that with the technologies today we may not be far from dreaming and joking about them
    Great job!

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