Interview: Cory Lagan ‘What is your perception of Downloading?’

I created a small series of questions based on my group’s topic, ‘What are people’s perceptions of downloading?’ I proposed these questions to my friend Cory Lagan. Cory Lagan is a Bartender and a part time Tafe student doing his Certificate 4 in Information and Technology. I wanted to focus on the perspective of an average young man’s view of the internet and downloading.

What is your perspective of downloading? Do you believe it is good or bad?

I would say that is it a bad thing. Due to it being illegal. It is not really good but the media is that expensive that we don’t really have much of a choice.

What type of effects do services such as Netflix or Foxtel have on illegal downloading?

Well it makes it a lot easier to watch your favourite shows via streaming without it being faced as Illegal. Netflix and Foxtel is cheaper. Because services such as those really do not have an affect on downloading. Because such as Netflix it has only just arrived in Australia that it has not given much time to give more access to more shows. However Foxtel drives up downloading because it makes people pirate stuff because of its price. It is that expensive that it encourages people to pirate.

Are you a fan of any of these services?

Yes and No. I am a fan of Netflix however I would like the American version over the Australian one because the Australian one just does not have enough shows and content that I like at the moment.

Do you think a person’s age group affects their downloading habits? Why?

Yes, because older generations do not have that much knowledge about modern technology and younger teenagers and children would not know how to undertake those steps to download. Young people, I would say students and young adults would acknowledge downloading more because they were brought up with it along with the internet.

Do you believe there are other reasons why people download? Explain why.

Yes, because media in Australia is redicuiclously overpriced. You go to the UK and it is 3 pounds for any movie while over here movies are about $20. Foxtel costs over $70 a month and that’s just terrible while Netflix brings better content at a cheaper price with much for availability.

As you can see as I have stated by only asking a few questions that I will be forwarding my research to my group to value these questions while rethinking some for our survey and focus questions.  I will also be looking for more sources to follow up our questions due to the answers I have gained.


5 thoughts on “Interview: Cory Lagan ‘What is your perception of Downloading?’

  1. i thought this was a really good blog post and i really like the way you structured the interview. you managed to keep some good answers from your interviewee. it is a great research topic to because their a majority of people who don’t like to download stuff illegally. the blog is well written and you maid a clear point.

  2. Hey, great interview man, nice to see a research topic that I’m also interested in! I think an interesting point akin to your topic is that in a country like Australia with such pervasive intellectual property / copywrite laws effecting digital distribution, it’s often becoming easier to illegally pirate something rather then the legal alternative. I think thats something that can really influence one’s perception of piracy. Good game reviews BTW!

  3. I think the questions you posed to your participant were well structured, and I think that shows in the response you received. By allowing for more open-ended questions the detailed information you have gained back will no doubt be very helpful in your understanding of downloading perceptions. The layout and overall tone you used was also great in evoking an honest answer. I think you have done a great job!

  4. I think you did an awesome job here! You pulled some great info from your interviewee and I can’t wait to discuss it with you in the group next week!
    It looks like you expanded on some of our focus group questions too so we can chat about those too!
    Well done!

  5. Good Interview! I conducted an interview on a similar question and got responses very similar to yours. It seems that the pricing of legal content within Australia, and the limited access to it,is the driving force for piracy. I agree that new services like Netflix will reduce piracy a little, but I also believe that while Australia’s internet is so expensive and slow by international standards, people will still opt to illegal downloading. This is simply because they feel that they are receiving something that they pay for through internet prices as we as being able to go without the hassle of buffering and interruptions.

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