Why is Ethical Research Important?

To understand what the importance of research ethics are you must first find out what research and ethics are individually.

The College of San Mateo defines research in the simplest terms, “research is searching for and gathering information, usually to answer a particular question or problem.” This research can be searched for in various ways, such as media, literature, tv etc. Ethics is defined as dealing with a proper course of rules or code of conduct to understand the rights and wrongs for the society.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences explains the importance of ethical research in these ways:
+ Stopping misrepresentation/Finding the proper evaluation
+ Collaboration of Research and Ethics
+ Researchers must be held accountable to the public/ Provide proper funding

Septermber 30th 2014, Center for Eco genetics and Environmental Health, People Matter: The Future of Research Ethics, Online Video, Youtube, viewed 5th April 2015

One of the importance for Ethics is that it helps people understand information without causing misrepresentation. Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowlands explains on their website about Philosophy that without ethics, “… our actions would be random and aimless.” This is how the importance of Ethics comes in to helping people make proper decisions that are best for them. As Jeff and Josephy states again the benefits without ethics is that, “there would be no way to work towards a goal because there would be no way to pick between a limitless number of goals.” The role of ethics would filter out these opportunities into positive and negative areas to establish a better direction for the individual for either day to day choices or long term.

The next reason for the importance of Ethical Research is the fact that they must work together. Research requires cooperation while ethics promotes positive behaviour as stated by David B. Resnik, “Ethical standards promote the values that are essential to collaborative work, such as trust, accountability, mutual respect, and fairness.” Such examples can be from guidelines of authorship and copyright.

The next reason for the importance of ethical research is that it helps ensure researchers to be held accountable to the public. This is targeted at people being subject protections, animal care and federal policies that establish funding by public money to be accounted for. However the rules of ethics is to make sure that researchers follow regulations in order to not harm humans or animal subjects that are involved within the research. Ethical research further helps build public support for research as they want to be provided by funding research projects only if the research is honest, trustworthy and have integrity.

Furthermore, Ethical Research is important because it helps individuals go in the right direction to follow rules and regulations to avoid the wrongs. Because without ethical research resources and information would be unstable and misinterpreted by the individual to lead them in the wrong direction.

National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Council, Universities Australia 2007, Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, National Health and Medical Research Council, Canberra, pp. 01-41

Jeff Landauer and Joesph Rowlands, 2001, Importance of Philosophy, Ethics, viewed 10th April 2015, <http://www.importanceofphilosophy.com/Ethics_Main.html&gt;


4 thoughts on “Why is Ethical Research Important?

  1. Interesting read, I enjoyed it 🙂 I can see you’ve focused on discussing the importance of ethics in research, and yes it is important. But I would like to know why is it so important? and is there always ethics in research? Maybe use a case study or article that presents unethical actions in research and discuss why it experienced concerns. For example, the Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study conducted by Kramer, Guillory and Hancock that can be found here http://www.pnas.org/content/111/24/8788.full experienced concerns raised by David Hunter in his article ‘Facebook puts ethics of research by private companies in spotlight’. David Hunter believes their actions were unethical and questions whether the research needed to be approved in other jurisdictions as 689,003 Facebook users news feeds were manipulated without their knowledge. Quite scary hey? Just shows that there isn’t always ethics in research.

  2. Very in-depth research in to what media ethics are and very well supported with sources and media reachers. You have written a very informative post that has definitely shed light on media ethics for myself, even being a media student. You give it a personal spin and by adding an informative yet entertaining video into your post, you engage your audience more, and it certainly left me wanting to know more. Great work. It really does go to show what different views people have when it comes to media ethics, huh? It’s quite interesting how many points of view there can be.

  3. Awesome read. I agree with how you interpret research ethics. It’s very important to have morals and rules set when researching and gathering data. People have the right to know exactly what research they are participating in; plus a research shouldn’t cause harm to individuals or animals. Trust, respect and fairness is essential in research ethics.

  4. I enjoyed reading this blog. You have done great job researching media ethics and how important it is. The video was interesting and enjoyable to watch and I feel you have made really strong points and awareness about ethics in your blog. Great job 🙂 look forward to reading more of your blogs

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