What Is Media Research?

Media Research has a wide variety of topics to search in such as Books, Music, Television, Arts, Politics and many more. In the reading we were given by Berger states that, “most of us do what could be called ‘research’ all the time – even though we may not think of what we are doing as research.” (Berger, A. 2014) Because Media Research is the simple act of “Looking for information and data, finding material on this or that subject, getting names and addresses.” (Berger, A. 2014)

Media Research is conducted by searching through information, data and value etc to find an object or material to than evaluate from one another to choose which is right. During the BCM210 Lecture I discovered that research is not only by browsing but also a process where we focus on:

+Data Gathering
+Theory formulation
+Hypothesis formulation
+Further data fathering
+Data Analysis

This is meaning that by the study in research in which we make can be a simple browsing of the internet or further investigations into information via scholar articles, books or further resources.

It also goes into two categories between qualitative, “accused of ‘reading into’ texts things that are not there,” (Berger 2014, pg. 26) and quantitative, “being too narrow, basing their research on what they can count, measure, and observe and neglecting other matters.” (Berger 2014 pg. 26) The difference and similarities between the two is that both are measured but in separate ways of quality and quantity. By further going into the aspect of supplying pros and cons to a discussion to show its value with the information provided.

Examples can be from the simple decision of a drink such as Coke or Pepsi to even looking at advertisements on the television to in the store products. People simply look at the reviews and comments made by the product online to even further go in depth to see what the product does or is even made with. They would observe, gather information, resources and other opinions to finalize their verdict.

And if I was to research an aspect of the media I would research the amount of impact the value of entertainment is now compared toe when it once was. I would further like to go into more information about how the entertainment industry is changing and the impact upon downloading has impacted on it.

Berger, A.A. 2014, ‘What is research?’, in Media and communication research methods : an introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches, 3rd ed., SAGE, Los Angeles, pp. 13-32


One thought on “What Is Media Research?

  1. Nice post! I liked how you opened up with the general connotation of research and then went into the uncommon term. I would add the reference for the image that you used as well as reading over this post as it has some grammatical errors. I would also add some other sources to back up your findings to get a broader grasp of the topic, as well as make your post more credible.

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