Winner of over 50 awards and nominations, Dying Light is an incredible apoplectic world infested with blood sucking zombies watching you jump from building to building. You must travel through an amazing environment filled with so many obstacles to try and make sure your success in locating supplies and even lasting one night out in the open to be impossible. However the game is very similar to the features you find from such games as Far Cry and Dead Island yet with a twist, it is focused upon Parkour.

Parkour: The meaning of an activity that considers rapid movement.

I do not only state that this is a parkour game because of the main view that you must travel in this free room world to avoid all zombies in your path. No. This game gives you experience every time you climb and jump. So the higher you climb and the further you jump you will get more experience to enhance your skills.

These skills are Survivor, Agility and Power.
Survivor: You gain experience through side missions and the main story.
Agility: The benefit of climbing and jumping from building to building.
Power: You gain more experience in Power by crafting new objects and killing as many zombies as you can.

Than you have such features that are found in most games such as a map, your Quest guides, inventory (Which you can upgrade over time) and BluePrints. Your backpack can hold lots of things from weapons, valuables, weapon upgrades and craft parts however in order to craft you would need to go into blueprints and see what materials you would need before making an object. I have to state that a lot of the upgrades for your weapons, I did not use. Half the time they needed too many materials for one object plus the weapons will break a lot that you only fix a max of either 3-4 times than it becomes useless. So if you had an upgrade on that weapon and it breaks completely, it becomes useless. This can also be stated for the clock in the main screen as that became unneeded because your friends on the radio state when it is time to hide before dark.

Now to the main part of WHO you are. Your name is Kyle Crane, your mission is to contact a man by the name of Kadir Suleiman and secure a file that he possesses. The file is said to contain specific information about why and how the world had become to the way it was.

As you come into the game, you are dropped into the quarantine zone known as Harran via airplane. As you fall to find the state of the city you become ambushed by Rais’ Men which beat you repeatedly till you fire your gun. The gun than attracts the Zombies to your location where Kyle tries to defend himself as Rais’ Men flee but sadly Kyle gets bitten yet saved by survivors. As you try to stick to your mission you find it harder to stay with people you believed to have trusted while trying to help the last survivors flee from Harran. Yet you still toss between sides and have to try and find who to trust most in this dead world.

The game can be played online for co-op and even take the mode as Zombie Invasion where you grabbed 4 friends and have another to become the zombie themselves to track the other survivors down. This mode is actually quite fun and scary at times however you need to find a match which can tend to be a while to track down.

The zombies themselves are quite interesting. You could only become a zombie when you have been infected through a bite however the survivors found by using Antizin which prolongs the effects. (The Antizin is normally found by air drops all over the city.

Now the Zombies actions are judged by the time of their cycle between Night and Day. During the Day Zombies are very slow and waddle to you. They also do not have the ability to climb or jump. Though during the Night they become more agile. There are also Special Virus Zombies found throughout the game, these are known as Volatile, Night Hunter and Demolisher which have all been mutations from the original virus.

If I was to rate this game I would definitely give it a 10/10 because this game really puts you through all the emotional sides to a story, even leaving you off your seat when you need to walk out into the night. This is just an amazing game that I encourage everyone to try out.


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