What should I add to my Christmas list?

Today I thought of doing a little light blog for all. I wondered, what do I wanted for Christmas? For a Gamer, I went straight to the new next Generation Consoles. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing presents to friends, family and maybe even someone you just met. Here are some of the top consoles at the moment that are hitting a high demand for Christmas presents.
Xbox One
The Xbox One is a fine gift to older gamers and some younger gamers as well, if supervised and depending upon the game. Some games that you can get  with the Xbox One that are a great deal is:

-Grand Theft Auto
-The Crew
-Sunset Overdrive
-Halo Master Chief Collection

Playstation 4
The Playstation 4 can be targeted at the same audience as the Xbox One. It is targeted at both older and younger generations. Some games that have recently come out are:

-Little Big Planet
-Drive Club
-Last of Us
-Lords of the Fallen
Wii U

Well… the Wii U has been smashing it in the market of sales at the moment due to brand new games that have recently been brought out. If you love to bring a whole group of mates to one house or even just to entertain yourself or younger siblings (or even older), this is the way to go! Some games are:

-Super Smash Bros (Amibo!)
-Mario Kart
– Hyrule Warriors

=If needing an extra hand in the gaming department than look no further into my Game Reviews to see my opinions about other games for all these consoles!


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