What should I add to my Christmas list?

Today I thought of doing a little light blog for all. I wondered, what do I wanted for Christmas? For a Gamer, I went straight to the new next Generation Consoles. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing presents to friends, family and maybe even someone you just met. Here are some of the top consoles at the moment that are hitting a high demand for Christmas presents.
Xbox One
The Xbox One is a fine gift to older gamers and some younger gamers as well, if supervised and depending upon the game. Some games that you can get  with the Xbox One that are a great deal is:

-Grand Theft Auto
-The Crew
-Sunset Overdrive
-Halo Master Chief Collection

Playstation 4
The Playstation 4 can be targeted at the same audience as the Xbox One. It is targeted at both older and younger generations. Some games that have recently come out are:

-Little Big Planet
-Drive Club
-Last of Us
-Lords of the Fallen
Wii U

Well… the Wii U has been smashing it in the market of sales at the moment due to brand new games that have recently been brought out. If you love to bring a whole group of mates to one house or even just to entertain yourself or younger siblings (or even older), this is the way to go! Some games are:

-Super Smash Bros (Amibo!)
-Mario Kart
– Hyrule Warriors

=If needing an extra hand in the gaming department than look no further into my Game Reviews to see my opinions about other games for all these consoles!


Bring on more TellTale Series!

Two new series from the most amazing developers of the Great Game, The Walking Dead, Telltale has brought there games to a whole new level. Yesterday came out to of the biggest name games to become a sort of mix in adventure, action, puzzle and choices. Choose the path you want for better or worse.

Sadly, I have not played the game in more detail instead of knowing more of the information and a friend’s opinion of the game, I will shortly play it for myself. If you are a massive fan of the Borderland Series you must be wondering how unusual it must be to have a Telltale Game to come out about it. Telltale is known more for its choices and talking skills rather than action and guns.

Borderlands Series TellTale. Fiona. Rhys.

A new story brought about by the Vault Key, Hyperion Corporation, bandits, loot, gangsters, Vault Hunters, secret Atlas tech, explosions, getaways, extortion, betrayal, and mayhem. Set after Borderlands 2, comes a tale about Rhys, a Hyperion company man looking to become the next handsome Jack while also switching sides to Fiona, a Pandoran con artist out to score.

Rhys. Borderlands Series TellTale

Rhys and Fiona are two of the most unexpected duo to come across each other’s path. It tells the different sides to one story, you decide what story to choose, what path and fate to take for your own. Your decision will not just impact Rhys and Fiona but also the people around you. You decide your fate.

Borderlands Series= https://www.telltalegames.com/talesfromtheborderlands/about

Game of Thrones 
Winter has finally come! Based on HBO’s hit award winning television drama that makes so many memes, excitement and even cry with that much blood shed brings Telltale Game of Thrones Series. A whole new story has been brought to the gaming world as you take on the view of House Forrester. A noble house from the North of Westeros found in the Wolfswood. Offering loyalty to the ruling great house of the North- The Starks.

Caught up in the events of the War of the Five Kings, the house of Forrester are placed in a predicament where their members of the house must do everything within their power to prevent their house from falling.

The Iron Throne…. Who will be king?

You play as new and never seen before characters, well maybe not fully as you do see very familiar faces. Some of the characters are Mira Forrester (Daughter to Lord Forrester and handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell. You heard right!), Ethan Forrester (Third son to Lord Forrester and not a born warrior) and Gared Tuttle.

Gared Tuttle. Game of Thrones Series.

As one of the main characters it seemed fairer for me to elaborate on Gared. Gared Tuttle is the squire to the Lord Forrester, who was raised on stories of heroism. Though being the son of a pig farmer has given him a lower mark in the classes, his hopes are strong to one day become a warrior himself. With the help of his uncle Duncan. Gared glides through the ranks and throughout the long months by the King Robb’s army you may lead your dream of becoming a hero.

The game is very straight forward as you try and decide through quick thinking and actions in the battlefield to lead to whatever ending you choose. Do you go on the side of your house or another?

Thought this was just funny :3

TellTale Game of Thrones Website= https://www.telltalegames.com/gameofthrones/