New Content, more Characters and Achievements, What is not to love?

I was thinking about, if you already finished a game would you bother to go back and play it again with DLC? My answer is why not? DLC brings a lot to the table with old games that you either loved or hated because it can really change your view of the original game. Being able to play your favourite game over and over again can be boring when you know the story off by heart, that’s why new information, characters and a new land can intrigue anyone.

Here are some games that have released DLC recently this year along with a few suggestions.

State of Decay DLC
From the game that brought you a more in-depth, realistic adventure into the apocalyptic world filled with mindless zombies. A second DLC was released a little while ago and might be hard to find depending upon the console.

The DLC is centred in the city of Danforth, and focuses upon the military point of view of the apocalypse. You play as Greyhound one, small surviving unit sent to Danforth to rescue scientists who have believed to know what it takes to destroy the zombies once and for all.

You get a new story, new map to venture around,  an assortment of missions around the military’s involvement with the outbreak, 40 firearms, traits and character information along with heaps more.

Mario Kart 8 DLC
I went over to one of my lovely friend’s house today and was able to have a go at their Wii U. I have to say, I was blown away and wanted to buy one immediately. Playing Mario Kart 8 with just the two of us was so much fun. Getting a group of friends together is what I believe the main aim of Mario Kart is, and maybe to get angry at your friends from time to time when they overlap you. With so many characters to choose from along with many race tracks to try out it really becomes a challenge to win.

The first DLC pack has been released with new features to enhance the game. The pack includes three new characters: Link, Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. New tracks that are up to 8 with cross overs with Link and Yoshi lands making two more cups to complete. Along with four new vehicles: Blue Falcon, B Dasher, Master Cycle and Tanooki Kart.

The 2nd pack will be released in May 2015 with an Animal Crossing cross over.

Bioshock Infinite (Burial at Sea)

Burial at Sea. Bioshock.

Last of Us (Left Behind)

Left Behind. Last of Us.

 One more…



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