“You and I… are going to tear shit up!”

Pagan Min. Far Cry 4. Kyrat.

When you are on a holiday in Kyrat, located in the Himalayas, you do not expect to get caught up in a civil war between the Golden Path and Pagan Min.  Ajay Ghale only wanted to fulfil his mother’s dying wish to spread her ashes across the land. Ajay finds not only his mother’s past with the land but also the identity of his father Mohan Ghale, the warrior who began the Golden Path yet also some connection with Pagan Min with his mother.

This game is filled with colours, emotions, adventure, survival and plenty of action to keep you playing for a while. As an example is when making a choice between the two leader characters of the Golden Path, Sabel and Amita, you can go back over the game to see the different endings through these decisions.  A couple who both want what they believe is best for the people but both conflicting arguments. Your decision impacts the mission you will take and who will become the ultimate leader of the Golden Path.

Hurk. Honey Badger just don’t care!

Explore the land either offline or online. Get a friend to play Co-op with you and take on the multiplayer games that can range from 2-12 people. Though do not fear when you are on your own as guns for hire tokens are summon when finishing Karma missions around the map. Prepare for endless amounts of guns to fill you’re every dream. Choose whether you are a Tiger or an Elephant through the skills you choose. Would you rather more health or a killer blade?

Take out your camera from time to time to view the beautiful landscape but not only that but animals that lurk nearby to capture skins and bait.  The skins you gather from all different animals across the map can help create many useful devices such as weapon holster, wallet, Loot bag, syringe kit, bait bag, ammo bag and a lot more. Yes both the animals and the camera was in the last game but added a new feature where the bait you gather from the animal can be thrown at the enemy territory to lure nearby predators to take out the enemy for you. But that doesn’t mean they are your alley.  Yet while the camera gives you great advantage for stealth in tracking down every enemy within the area and keeping an icon above their head, not all can be seen. Hunters and predators icons will disappear as quickly as you see them.

The map is wonderful in its own way, with so much landscape to cover that you do not just want to travel the land in a car, maybe sky dive, travel by boat, and maybe even ride an elephant. Yes, the new feature in the current game is taking advantage of the wildlife such as the elephants which offers you a lot more than you think. With the elephant you can lure other elephants nearby for help, take down cars with a simple hit and even smash people into the ground in under seconds.


Speaking of the wildlife, most of the animals seen in the last game have double. Come across the Rhinos, the Leopards, Tigers, pigs, monkeys and the list goes on. The animals are beautiful to look up close and a far. It kind of makes me feel a little overwhelmed when I have to skin them for my upgrades. But be warned, every animal will find you and hurt you.

Find bell towers along you journey take out the transmit and uncover more of the map.  By uncovering the map you will reveal animal locations, mission etc. Even when you come across an outpost you must liberate without triggering any alarms or any detection. Once it is under control you are given fast travel and safe houses along with jobs to keep you busy for a while.

Come find Shangri La.

Even if you are finished the story, the game can give you many more missions to offer. Find your father Mohan Ghale’s journals to unlock more secrets into his past and murder. Finding posters of propaganda scattered across the land, masks that bestow bad voodoo and even more missions to for fill the deeper story.

I have loved this game since the moment I got it, and have not changed or put it down for a minute. This really is a beautiful game that is very similar to the last but filled with much more adventure. I recommend this game to anyone who likes Uncharted or Tomb Raider even a bit of Skyrim if you love a journey. It is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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