Too hard to Choose? Why Don’t I help you!


So Gamers,

I know that this month will be a hard month for a lot of us. Many games are being released that is clearing out my wallet too quickly. Just only a week away will be so many titles for no one to resist on any console. Even with tests and last assignments coming to an end, we know that all of us need a break for some game time. Here are the games I believe everyone should pre-order.

Halo Master Chief Collection
Do I have to say much about this? As a major Xbox fan and one that always knows her classics, Master Chief is coming back. I knew that this had to be number one on my list as I will not be seeing the sun light for a while due to this game. There is no doubt that everyone must pre-order this game because it does not only come with one game, nooo!!! It comes with all four, Halo 1, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4. With the new graphics and software of the Xbox One, it really brings the games back to life PLUS! Having them being upgraded and turned into brand new HD copies makes the experience more worth wild. Especially going back to playing the Halo 2 Multiplayer and Halo 3-4 Multiplayer will really get people to grab a bunch of friends and get there games going. And do not forget the added Beta of Halo 5.

Grand Theft Auto Five
Grand Theft Auto Five revealed later on in the year that they were bringing it back on next Gen Consoles however, Gamers are not sure on which way to turn as they may already own it. Well I have something to say to that! Here is all the new items to come with the next Gen console Game.

First person Mode= First Person Mode brings the game back to life and even makes me think of Far Cry 3 and how realistic it seemed. I even like the fact that having such a view in your car or boats can even change the dash boards to the suited car. Even littlest of items are shown, like looking down the sights of your guns and cracks on your phone.

Wildlife. GTA 5.

-Graphics along with plenty more Effects= As the game is being brought back they decided to bring more wildlife, Plants added in with more effects and achievements to keep you occupied. I like how they intertwine with each other as when you take photos of the wildlife or go diving in the sub marine and discovering more of the unknown you gain more achievements from it. The Graphics also really push the game to become a better experience.

Lets add a couple more maybe…?

-New Music= Not much to say but new music with over 100 new songs and 14 new stations will be added to the game to make those nice trips in the car not seem so lonely or boring for you. Because who wants to listen to music on repeat?

Get more Online.

-Player count up to 30= Yes! Multiplayer will now have much more ability to add more people into a match meaning more friends to your party. There has been promised more online DLC content like clothes and houses etc to be added shortly. But where are the heists I was promised long ago? (Better keep their promise this time) Even if you are a Previous Rockstar member from the last gen consoles you have a chance to upgrade from it, gaining more cars, boats, a murder Mystery and did I say Cash?


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