New Content, more Characters and Achievements, What is not to love?

I was thinking about, if you already finished a game would you bother to go back and play it again with DLC? My answer is why not? DLC brings a lot to the table with old games that you either loved or hated because it can really change your view of the original game. Being able to play your favourite game over and over again can be boring when you know the story off by heart, that’s why new information, characters and a new land can intrigue anyone.

Here are some games that have released DLC recently this year along with a few suggestions.

State of Decay DLC
From the game that brought you a more in-depth, realistic adventure into the apocalyptic world filled with mindless zombies. A second DLC was released a little while ago and might be hard to find depending upon the console.

The DLC is centred in the city of Danforth, and focuses upon the military point of view of the apocalypse. You play as Greyhound one, small surviving unit sent to Danforth to rescue scientists who have believed to know what it takes to destroy the zombies once and for all.

You get a new story, new map to venture around,  an assortment of missions around the military’s involvement with the outbreak, 40 firearms, traits and character information along with heaps more.

Mario Kart 8 DLC
I went over to one of my lovely friend’s house today and was able to have a go at their Wii U. I have to say, I was blown away and wanted to buy one immediately. Playing Mario Kart 8 with just the two of us was so much fun. Getting a group of friends together is what I believe the main aim of Mario Kart is, and maybe to get angry at your friends from time to time when they overlap you. With so many characters to choose from along with many race tracks to try out it really becomes a challenge to win.

The first DLC pack has been released with new features to enhance the game. The pack includes three new characters: Link, Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. New tracks that are up to 8 with cross overs with Link and Yoshi lands making two more cups to complete. Along with four new vehicles: Blue Falcon, B Dasher, Master Cycle and Tanooki Kart.

The 2nd pack will be released in May 2015 with an Animal Crossing cross over.

Bioshock Infinite (Burial at Sea)

Burial at Sea. Bioshock.

Last of Us (Left Behind)

Left Behind. Last of Us.

 One more…



“You and I… are going to tear shit up!”

Pagan Min. Far Cry 4. Kyrat.

When you are on a holiday in Kyrat, located in the Himalayas, you do not expect to get caught up in a civil war between the Golden Path and Pagan Min.  Ajay Ghale only wanted to fulfil his mother’s dying wish to spread her ashes across the land. Ajay finds not only his mother’s past with the land but also the identity of his father Mohan Ghale, the warrior who began the Golden Path yet also some connection with Pagan Min with his mother.

This game is filled with colours, emotions, adventure, survival and plenty of action to keep you playing for a while. As an example is when making a choice between the two leader characters of the Golden Path, Sabel and Amita, you can go back over the game to see the different endings through these decisions.  A couple who both want what they believe is best for the people but both conflicting arguments. Your decision impacts the mission you will take and who will become the ultimate leader of the Golden Path.

Hurk. Honey Badger just don’t care!

Explore the land either offline or online. Get a friend to play Co-op with you and take on the multiplayer games that can range from 2-12 people. Though do not fear when you are on your own as guns for hire tokens are summon when finishing Karma missions around the map. Prepare for endless amounts of guns to fill you’re every dream. Choose whether you are a Tiger or an Elephant through the skills you choose. Would you rather more health or a killer blade?

Take out your camera from time to time to view the beautiful landscape but not only that but animals that lurk nearby to capture skins and bait.  The skins you gather from all different animals across the map can help create many useful devices such as weapon holster, wallet, Loot bag, syringe kit, bait bag, ammo bag and a lot more. Yes both the animals and the camera was in the last game but added a new feature where the bait you gather from the animal can be thrown at the enemy territory to lure nearby predators to take out the enemy for you. But that doesn’t mean they are your alley.  Yet while the camera gives you great advantage for stealth in tracking down every enemy within the area and keeping an icon above their head, not all can be seen. Hunters and predators icons will disappear as quickly as you see them.

The map is wonderful in its own way, with so much landscape to cover that you do not just want to travel the land in a car, maybe sky dive, travel by boat, and maybe even ride an elephant. Yes, the new feature in the current game is taking advantage of the wildlife such as the elephants which offers you a lot more than you think. With the elephant you can lure other elephants nearby for help, take down cars with a simple hit and even smash people into the ground in under seconds.


Speaking of the wildlife, most of the animals seen in the last game have double. Come across the Rhinos, the Leopards, Tigers, pigs, monkeys and the list goes on. The animals are beautiful to look up close and a far. It kind of makes me feel a little overwhelmed when I have to skin them for my upgrades. But be warned, every animal will find you and hurt you.

Find bell towers along you journey take out the transmit and uncover more of the map.  By uncovering the map you will reveal animal locations, mission etc. Even when you come across an outpost you must liberate without triggering any alarms or any detection. Once it is under control you are given fast travel and safe houses along with jobs to keep you busy for a while.

Come find Shangri La.

Even if you are finished the story, the game can give you many more missions to offer. Find your father Mohan Ghale’s journals to unlock more secrets into his past and murder. Finding posters of propaganda scattered across the land, masks that bestow bad voodoo and even more missions to for fill the deeper story.

I have loved this game since the moment I got it, and have not changed or put it down for a minute. This really is a beautiful game that is very similar to the last but filled with much more adventure. I recommend this game to anyone who likes Uncharted or Tomb Raider even a bit of Skyrim if you love a journey. It is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Why Ubisoft? Why?!

First off! Sorry to everyone who views my blog, I have been having a lot of problems today and yesterday on actually getting my laptop to work properly for me. I apologize for the inconvenience and how I said about Assassin’s Creed Unity should have been out yesterday.

Arno. Assassin. Falling! Assassin Creed Unity. Paris!

Assassin’s Creed Unity is set in the year 1789 Paris. The streets were either empty or filled with blood. The smell of gunpowder and burning flesh filled the air as the staving citizens of Paris begged to the rich for food or water. The revolution was upon them and the Assassins were advancing. A war had begun.

Assassin’s Creed Unity captured this sense of the time period in the game play as the environment was picture very well and remarkable accurate to history. You could absorb so much in such an area that it seemed too well done. You can explore the city, scale the towers to unlock missions jump from building to building and stab whoever you like! Fun right?

Arno. Assassin.

You play as Arno Dorian, a young man that becomes an Assassin due to a personal tragedy. Born of wealth, seeking revenge, the usual style of an Assassin was building yet also trying to win the affection of his cherished childhood friend, Elise. You also get a new weapon, the phantom blade which is a wrist mounted miniature crossbow. How awesome! And that is when the problems began.

Truly the game begins to become a mess after this point as numerous amounts of errors begin to unfold through glitches, bugs and many issues. Gamers have fallen from true Assassin’s Creed Fans to ones that don’t care anymore. Here are some reasons to view before playing the game for yourself.

1. Yes the entire game is set in Paris but the map shows that you are only in the city you first started in and must continuously go back to. The map has incredibly shrunk down from its large cities and villages to a single area.

2. New stealth System. Finally we can crouch around corners to save ourselves instead of look like targets and be spotted a mile away. Yes this sounds like a better thing rather than a bad, but my question is why wasn’t this done in the first place?

3. Commands. There are a lot of new commands that really seem effortless and not as useful as it should be. The new free running mood is changed and makes it harder to jump through windows and small areas without having some clumsy problem.

4. Same old missions. Yes, unless you love to repeat yourself you tend to do the same thing over and over again. From dramatic rooftop routes, stealing things from guards, tackling street thieves and saving civilians from danger they already started it’s basically the same.

5.Lastly customisation. Yes customisation is more commonly known as a good thing when you want to change your colour of your hood, weapons etc but when these things come with bonuses to your stealth and strength but don’t actually benefit you, it is really pointless.

Thanks guys for reading my blog, but please try out the game for yourself as this Is only my view.

Are you an Assassin? Or will you go Rogue?

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

On the 11th of November, Assassin’s Creed Rogue was released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. During the chaotic war between the French and the Indians, blood was spilt on all corners of the battlefield. An Assassin by the name of Shay Patrick Cormac was planning to betray the brotherhood.

The journey will take you on an adventure to see Shay’s transformation from Assassin to Assassin hunter. This new journey will take you on real twists to the original Assassin Franchise were the opposite is happening. It really makes me question, why does he want to kill his brothers? What happened to create this motive? What is to come by all this?

The game is really identical to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. With all the same capabilities and naval gameplay but only a different plot or I guess an opposite. You gain such new weapons as an air rifle that can have specialized bullets and grenades as well as enhanced eagle vision to spot assassins in their best hiding spots. You are really playing as the bad guy that you have hunted down in the last games or are you still classified as a good guy?

Assassin. Shay. Assassin Hunter

A clear example of this is through the naval gameplay when battling in the sea takes place, the assassin can aboard your ship, your duty is to defend your crew men and kill the assassin before he kills everyone on board. You even get better weapons for your ship like burning oil, and machine guns.

Though the interesting new enhancement to the naval gameplay makes it really intriguing, it makes me want to go further with the multiplayer but also viewing the environment. You can now take your ship, The Morrigan into Icy water and go through ice bergs in the North Atlantic. To such places as River valleys of America to New York City in the time of the 18th Century.

Even though I am not a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed games at the moment, as my last favourite was brotherhood and Black Flag I did actually like. I believe that this game, even though on the older consoles will be better than expected.

Ships! Set Sail!

Tomorrow, due to studying all night long tonight I will be placing up a review for Assassin’s Creed Unity. Be on the look out and keep gaming!

Too hard to Choose? Why Don’t I help you!


So Gamers,

I know that this month will be a hard month for a lot of us. Many games are being released that is clearing out my wallet too quickly. Just only a week away will be so many titles for no one to resist on any console. Even with tests and last assignments coming to an end, we know that all of us need a break for some game time. Here are the games I believe everyone should pre-order.

Halo Master Chief Collection
Do I have to say much about this? As a major Xbox fan and one that always knows her classics, Master Chief is coming back. I knew that this had to be number one on my list as I will not be seeing the sun light for a while due to this game. There is no doubt that everyone must pre-order this game because it does not only come with one game, nooo!!! It comes with all four, Halo 1, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4. With the new graphics and software of the Xbox One, it really brings the games back to life PLUS! Having them being upgraded and turned into brand new HD copies makes the experience more worth wild. Especially going back to playing the Halo 2 Multiplayer and Halo 3-4 Multiplayer will really get people to grab a bunch of friends and get there games going. And do not forget the added Beta of Halo 5.

Grand Theft Auto Five
Grand Theft Auto Five revealed later on in the year that they were bringing it back on next Gen Consoles however, Gamers are not sure on which way to turn as they may already own it. Well I have something to say to that! Here is all the new items to come with the next Gen console Game.

First person Mode= First Person Mode brings the game back to life and even makes me think of Far Cry 3 and how realistic it seemed. I even like the fact that having such a view in your car or boats can even change the dash boards to the suited car. Even littlest of items are shown, like looking down the sights of your guns and cracks on your phone.

Wildlife. GTA 5.

-Graphics along with plenty more Effects= As the game is being brought back they decided to bring more wildlife, Plants added in with more effects and achievements to keep you occupied. I like how they intertwine with each other as when you take photos of the wildlife or go diving in the sub marine and discovering more of the unknown you gain more achievements from it. The Graphics also really push the game to become a better experience.

Lets add a couple more maybe…?

-New Music= Not much to say but new music with over 100 new songs and 14 new stations will be added to the game to make those nice trips in the car not seem so lonely or boring for you. Because who wants to listen to music on repeat?

Get more Online.

-Player count up to 30= Yes! Multiplayer will now have much more ability to add more people into a match meaning more friends to your party. There has been promised more online DLC content like clothes and houses etc to be added shortly. But where are the heists I was promised long ago? (Better keep their promise this time) Even if you are a Previous Rockstar member from the last gen consoles you have a chance to upgrade from it, gaining more cars, boats, a murder Mystery and did I say Cash?