Horror Week 4: No One Can Hear You Scream In Space

Evolve. Monster.

Hey Gamers! If you are an EB GameStop Member (Australia) you would have been sent a registration number for the one and only access to the Big Alpha Launch of Evolve. During the 1st to the 3rd of November the launch will begin, and for Xbox players will even get an extra boost and access on October 31st.  For PC and Playstation 4 Gamers will get the Alpha between the original days. However the terms and use must be looked further into as the registration number will not guaranty a full pass.

Go onto this website for further details: https://www.2kgames.com/evolve/bigalpha/

Alien. Ripley. Alien Isolation.

So… I know I have put this off for a while as I really wanted to go deeper into the game. As a close favourite and a major fan I am to the movies, Alien’s Isolation has to be one of my favourite horrors so far out of the whole year. It beat the sense of horror from Evil Within by a mile because not only are you shadowed within the darkness of space where no one can hear you scream but the main fact of so many parts to the story.

I knew that the minute it was announced so many accusations that the game would not hit big were going to roam around. Many of my friends did not like ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines,’ which did in my opinion take most of the horror sense entirely out and added more action, guns and Aliens! But who would not love that from time to time? It really put Aliens at a down fall as people believed the domino effect would happen.


What I find that screams the sense of horror that was taken from Colonial Marines was the main fact that there was a lot of aliens and in Alien Isolation there is only one Alien lurking around the ship, searching for you and you do not have anything to kill it with. You might be able to hide but you better hide quickly! I love the fact that you are powerless, defenceless and downright scared for your life every time your tracker goes off when the Alien comes around. Not only is the Alien on board but Androids and psychotic survivors.

Survivor? Maybe… Maybe not?

You are not only powerless without a gun by your side but the main fact that loud noises around the station make it tricky to sneak around the Alien. The station you stumble upon must be fixed properly and put back online as soon as possible giving you little jobs to do around the ship.

Ripley does acquire guns later on within the game such as a shot gun, flame thrower and Revolver. You can also find med packs, bombs and further noise supplies to throw at the Alien. There is even now an easy Robust crafting system.

Not only is the sense of horror and fear filled in your heart now but also the story is intertwined within the first two films as you play the character of Ellen Ripley, daughter of Amanda Ripley. She is looking for answers from when her mother went missing for 15 years but what she finds is more horrifying then she could have ever imagined.

The game leaves you begging for more when really you are trying to rush to the nearest save point as soon as possible. Try out the game, in the dark with your headset on if you are game enough. Have a good one gamers. This game is one to DIE for.


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