Horror Week 3: Are we on earth or in Purgatory?

Evil Within has finally just come out on the shelves today as another horror game added to the mix this October. The excitement for the game has become an equal miss or hit for fellow gamers. With good and bad features it is hard to tell if it will hit the sales within its first day or not.

As a third person action/horror packed adventure it should intrigue the viewer’s more with such an unusual twist or maybe not. Developer, Shinji Mikami, creator of some of the more new Resident Evil Series has taken it upon himself to make a new horror game. He stated that, the game is meant to be a ‘perfect blend of action and horror.’

Sebastian. Monster.

The story features an investigation of a gruesome crime scene of mass murder. Detective Sebastian Castelloanos (Your Character) and his partner encounter strange mysterious (Supernatural) and powerful forces. The beginning of the game, Sebastian faces a slaughter of fellow officers, minutes later ambushed and knocked unconscious. When Sebastian recovers the world he once knew is deranged and inhabited by hideous creatures that wander among the dead. Is this just Sebastian’s imagination or is this a new world?

I do not want to go into depth with the storyline as if I further continued I may leak out too much and spoil the game for you. I would recommend playing it for yourself and making your own opinion about the game.

In recent news it has been stated a lot of negative perspectives within the game. Examples being:
-The main fact that the game did not seem that all new.
The software did not cut the new generation of console standards even though it was for both old and new. Gamers continued even before the release about its similarities too much closer to Resident Evil that they expected some of the horror aspects.  Even the controls and mechanics behind the game were much too familiar to Gamers standards.

-Not ‘Scary Enough’
Even I do not like this term very much as it depends upon the person and the game, continuous complaints were made about it when the gameplay was released. That could mean that there was not enough jump scares but depending upon the person and their perspective of horror gaming. Even the aspect of too much blood and gore just over field the screen and did not give it a scary feel anymore.

As I stated before, it depends upon the person and their perspective of horror, these are the three I believe you need for a horror game.
1. Darkness (Headphones, Night time and be alone is what you need for a full on experience)


2. Jump scares (I Believe ever game needs to give you a heart attack from time to time but it should not overdo it)



3. Blood…Blood… and more Blood… (I love my gore and killing ones so you need it)

Silent Hill.

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