Horror Week 2: Give me some story!

Back onto horror week and the thing that gets me thinking of horror is not only the popular games that everyone knows about.  The games that are least known for or do not have a lot of detail and graphics can still contain an amazing story and a great sense of horror. It is not only just about the scares, right?

These are the simple pixelated RPG Games that truly give you a sense of horror, gore, all compacted with an amazing background. Here are three of my favourites that made me on the edge of my seat while also worrying what was next to come.

Mad Father, Aya

-Mad Father
A horror puzzle game where you play as a young girl by the name of Aya. She reminisces about her mother who died due to a sickness of an unknown cause. (Or maybe not?) Aya goes to visit her father’s laboratory to wish to celebrate the day of her mother’s death. He agrees and dismisses her to bed.

At the stroke of midnight, a scream originating from Aya’s fathers Laboratory goes through the silent house. Aya runs to the laboratory but as her journey begins corpses awake from their slumber. Aya must defend herself from all the monsters and hauntings that begin in the strange household. She must save her father and maybe even find out what really happened to her mother.

The Crooked Man, David

-The Crooked Man
A very powerful story which is linked into the old folk tale of The Crooked Man. You play as the protagonist David Hoover, who has just moved into his new apartment during a big rough patch in his life. Some of the problems are from his mother, friends and his ex-girlfriend. However strange occurrences begin in the apartment and the haunting start. The true story of the Crooked Man is revealed.

Misao, Aki

Depending on the version chosen from one to three the story will of course change over time. The original horror game depicted a fellow classmate character ‘Misao,’ named after the game, to have gone missing or believed to have been dead.

You play as a sweet young high school girl by the name of Aki. One night a mysterious earthquake happens at the school, which strangely transports all of the classmates with their teacher into another dimension. (It is similar view of Corpse Party another RPG Horror Game)

The belief behind the teleportation is meant to have been due to Misao’s Curse which you must collect all six missing parts of Misao’s body to break it. By following the pathway you get a sense of each characters personalities and behaviours as you interact with them.  Even as the story unfolds Aki develops this past history that was hidden about her connection with Misao.

These games are very interesting as it brings back the old puzzle games that make you think and question choices as it can impact others. Yet these games don’t just leave you wanting more but makes you speechless as the endings are not easily depicted. Try them out and see if you believe with me.


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