Come On Horror Month!

Hey Gamers! Guess what month has finally arrived!? It’s October which means ‘Horror Month.’ Every week I will be talking about horror, gore and jumpy games that make you scared for your life. Here are some of the top horror games at the moment:

-Five Nights at Freddy’s
I was reading an interesting ‘back’ story to the game which intrigued me. The fact of how creepy and realistic it’s seemed to play out and trick me is so fascinating. The story unfolds where five children were kidnapped and murdered by a man wearing a Freddy Fazbear costume.

A further case has been stated that Freddy Fazbear’s pizza place is haunted as the children were stuffed into the animatronics which is pointed out by the smell along with mucus and blood around the eyes and mouths of the animatronics. Its reputation was decreasing due to the serious cases placed on top of it.  And what are you in the game? A security guard watching each of the cameras where the animatronics move around at night.

Sadly you have no guns but instead control the doors in your room to stop them from entering and killing you. You also have the capability to watch the animatronics through the surveillance cameras BUT Watch your amount of power.

Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, Freddy

The four mascot’s names are Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the rabbit, Chica the bird and Foxy the fox. What also gives it the atmosphere of a spine shaking scary game is the creepy phone calls of the man explaining your job, even though with a nicely spoken voice the words he says are not really good.

Another interesting case was the ‘bite of ‘87.’ The Bite of 87 was an incident that briefly mentioned by the phone guy during the first night. The story in tales an animatronic violently bit someone, a child for that matter too. Leading the animatronics to not walk around during the day time. A lot of people believe the animatronic that did this act was Foxy instead of Freddy due to the broken jaw, damaged parts and the ‘out of order’ sign.

-Never-ending Nightmare
Now for a game that really gives me the creeps and will make you see another side of gore that you really would of never expected. In 2013  the game was placed on Kickstarter and was successfully funded.

You play as the character Thomas who has just woken up from another one of his nightmares yet only to find he is still dreaming another. As you navigate your way through the game in his house you begin to witness worse nightmare experiences to occur such as blood on the walls, broken bones and horrifying deadly creatures.

An interesting thing that happens in the game is that each time Thomas dies in a nightmare, he comes back with serious case of depression or commits self-harm but always comes back to the same or a different nightmare.

Yet the game is horror felt it is very detailed in the art work produced as a 2D hand-drawn line art style. But not only this factor but along with the simplistic storyline that still makes you question and think about what is really happening.

Though there will be a lot of horror games to spill out this month we can still look back at some of the classics.

  1. OutLast

  2. Slenderman

  3. Amnesia



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