Horror Week 5: Would you come to the ‘Town of Salem?’

Town Of Salem. Who will you be?

A game that I have been heavily playing every day recently is ‘Town of Salem.’ I have been sucked into this game really badly for some reason. No matter whether there aren’t that good graphics or even a storyline, the game has been a big hit. Town of Salem is a game about murder, deception, lying and mob hysteria.

Town of Salem is a game that is a browser-based. It seems very similar to that of murder in the dark game I used to play when I was younger. Easy and simple for any gamer to pick up on. It challenges players on their ability to convince others either to lie or detect when other players lie. The game ranges from 7-15 players. Each player is given a separate sections than the other as it is randomly chosen from these groups: (There are 29 different roles)
-Town (Good Guys: track down the Bad Guys before they kill you)
-Mafia (Bad Guy: Murder all Good Guys and avoid getting caught)
-Serial Killers (Bad Guy)
-Arsonists (Bad Guy)
-Neutrals (Either)

Roles upon the right side in different colours. Your role appears in the left box.

Before the game begins, the players are placed into a lobby where the host can select what roles will be given in the game. At random, the players are given their roles and get to choose their own name. On the left top part of the screen will be an in-game role card to explain your role and ability, each role is different.

The two game phases are Night AND Day.
Night: Is mainly when the roles of the players use their abilities the most such as the Doctor (heal), Serial Killer (kill) or Sheriff. (Investigate)
Day: Allows town members to discuss who they believe to be a suspect. Once the voting phase starts a majority vote from the town will put someone on trial.

The defense phase is when you plead to the other players your innocence. Make up whatever lie or story you like, be creative as you can to convince everyone you’re either good or bad.  Once the judgement is made, the town will vote on the fate of the player by either Guilty or innocent.

There are currently over 300 unique achievements found within the game. And the game is free to play and you can easily join in with some friends.

GameLink: http://www.blankmediagames.com/


Horror Week 4: No One Can Hear You Scream In Space

Evolve. Monster.

Hey Gamers! If you are an EB GameStop Member (Australia) you would have been sent a registration number for the one and only access to the Big Alpha Launch of Evolve. During the 1st to the 3rd of November the launch will begin, and for Xbox players will even get an extra boost and access on October 31st.  For PC and Playstation 4 Gamers will get the Alpha between the original days. However the terms and use must be looked further into as the registration number will not guaranty a full pass.

Go onto this website for further details: https://www.2kgames.com/evolve/bigalpha/

Alien. Ripley. Alien Isolation.

So… I know I have put this off for a while as I really wanted to go deeper into the game. As a close favourite and a major fan I am to the movies, Alien’s Isolation has to be one of my favourite horrors so far out of the whole year. It beat the sense of horror from Evil Within by a mile because not only are you shadowed within the darkness of space where no one can hear you scream but the main fact of so many parts to the story.

I knew that the minute it was announced so many accusations that the game would not hit big were going to roam around. Many of my friends did not like ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines,’ which did in my opinion take most of the horror sense entirely out and added more action, guns and Aliens! But who would not love that from time to time? It really put Aliens at a down fall as people believed the domino effect would happen.


What I find that screams the sense of horror that was taken from Colonial Marines was the main fact that there was a lot of aliens and in Alien Isolation there is only one Alien lurking around the ship, searching for you and you do not have anything to kill it with. You might be able to hide but you better hide quickly! I love the fact that you are powerless, defenceless and downright scared for your life every time your tracker goes off when the Alien comes around. Not only is the Alien on board but Androids and psychotic survivors.

Survivor? Maybe… Maybe not?

You are not only powerless without a gun by your side but the main fact that loud noises around the station make it tricky to sneak around the Alien. The station you stumble upon must be fixed properly and put back online as soon as possible giving you little jobs to do around the ship.

Ripley does acquire guns later on within the game such as a shot gun, flame thrower and Revolver. You can also find med packs, bombs and further noise supplies to throw at the Alien. There is even now an easy Robust crafting system.

Not only is the sense of horror and fear filled in your heart now but also the story is intertwined within the first two films as you play the character of Ellen Ripley, daughter of Amanda Ripley. She is looking for answers from when her mother went missing for 15 years but what she finds is more horrifying then she could have ever imagined.

The game leaves you begging for more when really you are trying to rush to the nearest save point as soon as possible. Try out the game, in the dark with your headset on if you are game enough. Have a good one gamers. This game is one to DIE for.

Horror Week 3: Are we on earth or in Purgatory?

Evil Within has finally just come out on the shelves today as another horror game added to the mix this October. The excitement for the game has become an equal miss or hit for fellow gamers. With good and bad features it is hard to tell if it will hit the sales within its first day or not.

As a third person action/horror packed adventure it should intrigue the viewer’s more with such an unusual twist or maybe not. Developer, Shinji Mikami, creator of some of the more new Resident Evil Series has taken it upon himself to make a new horror game. He stated that, the game is meant to be a ‘perfect blend of action and horror.’

Sebastian. Monster.

The story features an investigation of a gruesome crime scene of mass murder. Detective Sebastian Castelloanos (Your Character) and his partner encounter strange mysterious (Supernatural) and powerful forces. The beginning of the game, Sebastian faces a slaughter of fellow officers, minutes later ambushed and knocked unconscious. When Sebastian recovers the world he once knew is deranged and inhabited by hideous creatures that wander among the dead. Is this just Sebastian’s imagination or is this a new world?

I do not want to go into depth with the storyline as if I further continued I may leak out too much and spoil the game for you. I would recommend playing it for yourself and making your own opinion about the game.

In recent news it has been stated a lot of negative perspectives within the game. Examples being:
-The main fact that the game did not seem that all new.
The software did not cut the new generation of console standards even though it was for both old and new. Gamers continued even before the release about its similarities too much closer to Resident Evil that they expected some of the horror aspects.  Even the controls and mechanics behind the game were much too familiar to Gamers standards.

-Not ‘Scary Enough’
Even I do not like this term very much as it depends upon the person and the game, continuous complaints were made about it when the gameplay was released. That could mean that there was not enough jump scares but depending upon the person and their perspective of horror gaming. Even the aspect of too much blood and gore just over field the screen and did not give it a scary feel anymore.

As I stated before, it depends upon the person and their perspective of horror, these are the three I believe you need for a horror game.
1. Darkness (Headphones, Night time and be alone is what you need for a full on experience)


2. Jump scares (I Believe ever game needs to give you a heart attack from time to time but it should not overdo it)



3. Blood…Blood… and more Blood… (I love my gore and killing ones so you need it)

Silent Hill.

Horror Week 2: Give me some story!

Back onto horror week and the thing that gets me thinking of horror is not only the popular games that everyone knows about.  The games that are least known for or do not have a lot of detail and graphics can still contain an amazing story and a great sense of horror. It is not only just about the scares, right?

These are the simple pixelated RPG Games that truly give you a sense of horror, gore, all compacted with an amazing background. Here are three of my favourites that made me on the edge of my seat while also worrying what was next to come.

Mad Father, Aya

-Mad Father
A horror puzzle game where you play as a young girl by the name of Aya. She reminisces about her mother who died due to a sickness of an unknown cause. (Or maybe not?) Aya goes to visit her father’s laboratory to wish to celebrate the day of her mother’s death. He agrees and dismisses her to bed.

At the stroke of midnight, a scream originating from Aya’s fathers Laboratory goes through the silent house. Aya runs to the laboratory but as her journey begins corpses awake from their slumber. Aya must defend herself from all the monsters and hauntings that begin in the strange household. She must save her father and maybe even find out what really happened to her mother.

The Crooked Man, David

-The Crooked Man
A very powerful story which is linked into the old folk tale of The Crooked Man. You play as the protagonist David Hoover, who has just moved into his new apartment during a big rough patch in his life. Some of the problems are from his mother, friends and his ex-girlfriend. However strange occurrences begin in the apartment and the haunting start. The true story of the Crooked Man is revealed.

Misao, Aki

Depending on the version chosen from one to three the story will of course change over time. The original horror game depicted a fellow classmate character ‘Misao,’ named after the game, to have gone missing or believed to have been dead.

You play as a sweet young high school girl by the name of Aki. One night a mysterious earthquake happens at the school, which strangely transports all of the classmates with their teacher into another dimension. (It is similar view of Corpse Party another RPG Horror Game)

The belief behind the teleportation is meant to have been due to Misao’s Curse which you must collect all six missing parts of Misao’s body to break it. By following the pathway you get a sense of each characters personalities and behaviours as you interact with them.  Even as the story unfolds Aki develops this past history that was hidden about her connection with Misao.

These games are very interesting as it brings back the old puzzle games that make you think and question choices as it can impact others. Yet these games don’t just leave you wanting more but makes you speechless as the endings are not easily depicted. Try them out and see if you believe with me.

Come On Horror Month!

Hey Gamers! Guess what month has finally arrived!? It’s October which means ‘Horror Month.’ Every week I will be talking about horror, gore and jumpy games that make you scared for your life. Here are some of the top horror games at the moment:

-Five Nights at Freddy’s
I was reading an interesting ‘back’ story to the game which intrigued me. The fact of how creepy and realistic it’s seemed to play out and trick me is so fascinating. The story unfolds where five children were kidnapped and murdered by a man wearing a Freddy Fazbear costume.

A further case has been stated that Freddy Fazbear’s pizza place is haunted as the children were stuffed into the animatronics which is pointed out by the smell along with mucus and blood around the eyes and mouths of the animatronics. Its reputation was decreasing due to the serious cases placed on top of it.  And what are you in the game? A security guard watching each of the cameras where the animatronics move around at night.

Sadly you have no guns but instead control the doors in your room to stop them from entering and killing you. You also have the capability to watch the animatronics through the surveillance cameras BUT Watch your amount of power.

Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, Freddy

The four mascot’s names are Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the rabbit, Chica the bird and Foxy the fox. What also gives it the atmosphere of a spine shaking scary game is the creepy phone calls of the man explaining your job, even though with a nicely spoken voice the words he says are not really good.

Another interesting case was the ‘bite of ‘87.’ The Bite of 87 was an incident that briefly mentioned by the phone guy during the first night. The story in tales an animatronic violently bit someone, a child for that matter too. Leading the animatronics to not walk around during the day time. A lot of people believe the animatronic that did this act was Foxy instead of Freddy due to the broken jaw, damaged parts and the ‘out of order’ sign.

-Never-ending Nightmare
Now for a game that really gives me the creeps and will make you see another side of gore that you really would of never expected. In 2013  the game was placed on Kickstarter and was successfully funded.

You play as the character Thomas who has just woken up from another one of his nightmares yet only to find he is still dreaming another. As you navigate your way through the game in his house you begin to witness worse nightmare experiences to occur such as blood on the walls, broken bones and horrifying deadly creatures.

An interesting thing that happens in the game is that each time Thomas dies in a nightmare, he comes back with serious case of depression or commits self-harm but always comes back to the same or a different nightmare.

Yet the game is horror felt it is very detailed in the art work produced as a 2D hand-drawn line art style. But not only this factor but along with the simplistic storyline that still makes you question and think about what is really happening.

Though there will be a lot of horror games to spill out this month we can still look back at some of the classics.

  1. OutLast

  2. Slenderman

  3. Amnesia