The Precious is Coming…

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been on my games list for some time and in relevant news it has been stated that the game has been pushed forward from October to the end of September 30th. However the twist is that next generation consoles and PC would get it earlier while last generation consoles will have a delay till November 21st (Due to development issues that need to be fixed)

Set in the Lord of the Rings Universe, Middle-Earth has come to welcome back Sauron’s return to Modor. Featuring two famous voice actors in gaming history such as Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite) voices the main protagonist Talion and Nolan North (Uncharted) voices the antagonist Black Hand.

Black Hand’s story links into Talion’s past where both his wife and son were killed by Black Hand. Talion goes to seek out revenge on Black Hand for the dirty deeds he constructed as well as creating a break in Sauron as Black Hand acts as a part of Sauron.

Talion, the protagonist, is a ranger of Gondor who lost his family and died in battle, though is brought back from the dead by a powerful Wraith. With the power of life come back to Talion all is not well as a twist of revenge and hatred dwells within him and that of a second character inside him. His name is Celebrimbor who joins Talion for unknown reasons that reveal slowly through the story.

You will begin to meet a variety of characters besides the main which are Gollum, Uruk, Graugs and a lot more. More characters unfold as you begin to build your own army.

A system was constructed for the game called the Nemesis System where every enemy encountered can evolve and become a part of your own team.  Gain skills through missions, level up and change between your strengths and weaknesses. Your enemy can also now remember you and will verbally state it but they have a choice to retreat or stay unless it is a Captain which would defend their leader till the death. You begin to live and create your own Orc society and army to bend mordor to your grasp.

If you are interested in a similar game type that centres around a medieval world of sword fighting and skull smashing you might want to look at this game called HellRaid.


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