Tokyo Game Show 2014!

Tokyo Game Show, 2014

From the 18th to the 21st of Last week was Tokyo Game Show! Tokyo Game show is when all the Japanese game developers come together to show off what they have come up with for new game line ups and maybe even some new devices along the way.

Let’s start off with something that everyone is talking about at the moment, the new Nintendo 3DS. The public’s view seems to not be altered into one direction with the new hand held which makes me question whether it is good or bad. However in my opinion, the New Nintendo 3DS seems to be the exact replica as its predecessor with only design differences and a few added buttons.

The Nintendo 3DS will be launching the XL and the normal size. The button changes are in away both the same with both devices. There is a button positioned just above the ABXY buttons, placing it in a tight squeeze to the edge. By slightly pressing gently in various directions it can give you more control in zooming features to glance closer or further away from your Player.

I believe though that this would contradict with the back two buttons on either side placed for the zooming aspects as well. The 3D motion however has improved as if you were constantly moving around with your Nintendo and still want to have the 3D effect it would normally become blurry and have to adjust while now the 3DS will keep the focus control.

Even though I believe its similarities I do like the faster speed in downloading features from the store and the new colours added to the smaller 3DS buttons to give it more of that old controller sense. However another product with the 3DS is the charger yet it is sold separately unless you have an old 3DS Charger which tends to make it a little harder if you are new to the hand held. The name does not stand out either as it is not changed but only added one word, ‘New.’

Even though I have stated very much negativity I believe that it will still be a good hand held to carry around from time to time yet with the same features as the older.

The constant amount of games being put out during the Tokyo Game Show was endless, as such games as Evil Within Gameplay with a further trailer, Resident Evil 2 Remake, the famous Kingdom of Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, Final Fantasy 15 and Type-0, Drive Club, Blood Borne and Resident Evil Revelations 2. There were so many more titles that were announced on the days that would make the list touch the floor.   With the constant over load of games there is one game that I was shocked to not see down on the list, Kingdom of Hearts 3 with still only leaks of information about early development. Here are some that I did not list down but I believe you should look into:

However, recently there has been a game that makes me jump out of my seat with joy. Whether it is because of Norman Reedus from my favourite show ‘The Walking Dead’ is featured in it or plays the main character is making me too excited to hold it in.

In August of this year a demo for the game ‘P.T.’ had been released for PCs. It is a very in depth horror that makes you jump and shiver. The game is very twisted and at times confusing but of course it’s because of a hidden secret. At the ending of the game there is a teaser as it is a new ‘Silent Hill’ Game.

A new and improved trailer was only released at Tokyo Game Show. With blood splattered walls, children’s echoes and hideous monsters. The game will really make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe from everywhere. It will be released for the Playstation 4 yet no word on whether it will be for Xbox One or the Release date but keep an eye out.

Even though  there was so many other games I could pin point, I would leave that up to you.


The Precious is Coming…

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been on my games list for some time and in relevant news it has been stated that the game has been pushed forward from October to the end of September 30th. However the twist is that next generation consoles and PC would get it earlier while last generation consoles will have a delay till November 21st (Due to development issues that need to be fixed)

Set in the Lord of the Rings Universe, Middle-Earth has come to welcome back Sauron’s return to Modor. Featuring two famous voice actors in gaming history such as Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite) voices the main protagonist Talion and Nolan North (Uncharted) voices the antagonist Black Hand.

Black Hand’s story links into Talion’s past where both his wife and son were killed by Black Hand. Talion goes to seek out revenge on Black Hand for the dirty deeds he constructed as well as creating a break in Sauron as Black Hand acts as a part of Sauron.

Talion, the protagonist, is a ranger of Gondor who lost his family and died in battle, though is brought back from the dead by a powerful Wraith. With the power of life come back to Talion all is not well as a twist of revenge and hatred dwells within him and that of a second character inside him. His name is Celebrimbor who joins Talion for unknown reasons that reveal slowly through the story.

You will begin to meet a variety of characters besides the main which are Gollum, Uruk, Graugs and a lot more. More characters unfold as you begin to build your own army.

A system was constructed for the game called the Nemesis System where every enemy encountered can evolve and become a part of your own team.  Gain skills through missions, level up and change between your strengths and weaknesses. Your enemy can also now remember you and will verbally state it but they have a choice to retreat or stay unless it is a Captain which would defend their leader till the death. You begin to live and create your own Orc society and army to bend mordor to your grasp.

If you are interested in a similar game type that centres around a medieval world of sword fighting and skull smashing you might want to look at this game called HellRaid.

Beginning of a new month brings Good Games!

Since it is only the beginning of the month I wanted to do a countdown of all the upcoming fantastic games being released:

Let’s begin with PC games such as the infamously insanely popular ‘Sims 4.’ The Sims 4 has been talked about for so long since its first announcement. Even I have to say that I was too excited as a major fan since the first Sims game. The Sims 4 is a life simulation game where you can create your own character, your own neighbour and everything to the best of your abilities through a variety of activities and challenges to choose from. However the newest instalment to the Sims 4 gives the capability of brand new settings to control your Sims emotions, attitude and behaviour.

Choose from heaps of personalities, endless possibilities to create a story for everyone, new tools and vibrant neighbours to always keep you amused. Go on and create your Sims today. The Game will be available as of tomorrow.

Control the mind, body, and heart of your Sims, and bring your stories to life.’

On PlayStation the newest instalment to the ‘Infamous’ series ‘Infamous: First Light’ has been released even after speculation and continuous questions about the game being made for the side character and seeming more like an add on. It still attracts the public’s eye.

It has been less than 6 months since Infamous 2: Second Son had been released and booming with satisfaction to all PlayStation players however First Light seems to be a tad bit of a side view or a glimpse of the game. In Infamous First Light you play as the character Fetch, a drifter who is recovering as a drug addict with superpowers just like Delsin from Infamous Second Son. Your main mission is to find and track down Fetch’s kidnapped brother.

I would recommend this game more if you have not played Infamous Second Son or if you would rather wanted more in depth story approach.

Destiny, Bungie.

Lastly the biggest and most known game besides both these is for PC, Xbox and PlayStation is none other than Destiny. I have already talked much about this as I gave already a review and statement however I will note that it is 5 days till it will be released so put a pre-order down as soon as possible!

Here is a Link to my older Review: Destiny