Are you prepared for ‘The Reaper of Souls?’

Diablo three is an instalment to the great Diablo Series. It is described as an easy hack and slash action packed role-playing (ARPG) game.  With a third person perspective that intertwines a great sense of artwork in contrasting colours from darkness to light. I really begin to enjoy this very supernatural fantasy world that is created.

I got the game Diablo 3 with the expansion pack Reaper of Souls and played it on my Xbox One instead of a PC. Diablo 3 was released for Xbox 360/PS3 on September the 3rd 2013 and was brought to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Recently this year however the PC was the first to play as it came out in 2012 on the 15th of May. It was also developed by Blizzard. You also have the capabilities to play with your friends on either PC or Console now as it contains up to 4 players within a game.

Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard.

In Diablo 3 you have a choice on picking which character you would like to become. There are 6 classes to choose from:

  1. Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor is very similar to that of a necromancer as your skills are traditionally associated with the culture of Voodoo and Shamanism. The ability you harness are summoning monsters, casting curses, harvesting souls and hurling poisons at your enemy that also can be explosive. The Witch Doctor needs in order to power their spells an amount of Mana that regenerates slowly.
  2. Barbarian: The Barbarian is purely made for more of a physical power within its expertise as you are able to create whirlwinds through crowds, crush opponents upon landing and grappling enemies into a melee range. (This is very useful for long distance enemies) The Barbarian uses Fury for strong strikes and degenerates slowly overtime.
  3. Wizard: The Wizard uses the abilities of range from shooting from a far distance creating lightning, fire and ice at their enemies and also gaining the ability to teleport once they got close. This can be a deal breaker for the player as yes your regeneration of arcane power for your powers rapidly comes back you are always in need to run away and can get hurt more easily in close range.
  4. Monk: The Monk uses the fighting style of martial arts to damage his enemy with quick agility and is a great use up close. The Monk is a pretty simple character to use for any as a melee attacker. The Monk is fuelled by Spirit that contains defensive purposes while slowly generated.
  5. Demon Hunter: One of my favourites so far as the Demon Hunter uses a crossbow as well as creating traps and through bombs at their enemies from a far distance yet the traps come in hand in close range to help slow down the enemy. The Demon hunter is fuelled by both discipline and hatred as hatred gives a more powerful punch and is quickly regenerated the discipline is the complete opposite for a more defensive style.

    The Character featured in the expansion, ‘Reaper of Souls.’ Crusader.
  6. Crusader: The Crusader is a part of the expansion pack, ‘Reaper of Souls,’ where they contain a variety of combat skills. You are able to ride horses and strike enemies, summon a blessed hammer that circles around the crusader, and much more. How I see the Crusader is basically that the character has consumed all the others into one. The only difference is that they use Wrath, which is generated through the same abilities as the others by attacking enemies, getting attacked as well as using abilities.

I also like the easy capabilities to choose between the buttons on your controller as each (besides maybe two) had an attack or defence method depending on your character. You can also change and equip your character to new amour at any time.

As I played it on my Xbox One, it was an easy access to move around from place to place as well as pick up the pace. (It would be just as similar for PC as well with the keyboard and mouse) You could quickly skip over dialogue if you wanted to and go to the stores within the game such as the Black Smith for higher armour or talk to the local priest for health. You are always given something to do, money to spend, amour to enhance and you will tend to get lost through the games MASSIVE MAP. I am not joking because I got lost too many times. (Until I found out the button to open it up for a better view)

As a person who had never played Diablo before and kind of skipped a few chapters I will admit I was confused however picked up things pretty easy. However I would really state that playing the game this far in will confuse the storyline too much for you. I would either go back to the first game or the second for better in-depth point of view.

Here is the link to the websites to make it easier and track down the plot for a better understanding: Diablo 3 Website

To conclude I really enjoyed playing Diablo whether it was for the hack and slash ability, even though it would get repetitive, the choice in re-doing the game over again by the value of the other characters used along with lots more it really stood out to me as a very fun field game that takes you in.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

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