Are you prepared for ‘The Reaper of Souls?’

Diablo three is an instalment to the great Diablo Series. It is described as an easy hack and slash action packed role-playing (ARPG) game.  With a third person perspective that intertwines a great sense of artwork in contrasting colours from darkness to light. I really begin to enjoy this very supernatural fantasy world that is created.

I got the game Diablo 3 with the expansion pack Reaper of Souls and played it on my Xbox One instead of a PC. Diablo 3 was released for Xbox 360/PS3 on September the 3rd 2013 and was brought to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Recently this year however the PC was the first to play as it came out in 2012 on the 15th of May. It was also developed by Blizzard. You also have the capabilities to play with your friends on either PC or Console now as it contains up to 4 players within a game.

Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard.

In Diablo 3 you have a choice on picking which character you would like to become. There are 6 classes to choose from:

  1. Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor is very similar to that of a necromancer as your skills are traditionally associated with the culture of Voodoo and Shamanism. The ability you harness are summoning monsters, casting curses, harvesting souls and hurling poisons at your enemy that also can be explosive. The Witch Doctor needs in order to power their spells an amount of Mana that regenerates slowly.
  2. Barbarian: The Barbarian is purely made for more of a physical power within its expertise as you are able to create whirlwinds through crowds, crush opponents upon landing and grappling enemies into a melee range. (This is very useful for long distance enemies) The Barbarian uses Fury for strong strikes and degenerates slowly overtime.
  3. Wizard: The Wizard uses the abilities of range from shooting from a far distance creating lightning, fire and ice at their enemies and also gaining the ability to teleport once they got close. This can be a deal breaker for the player as yes your regeneration of arcane power for your powers rapidly comes back you are always in need to run away and can get hurt more easily in close range.
  4. Monk: The Monk uses the fighting style of martial arts to damage his enemy with quick agility and is a great use up close. The Monk is a pretty simple character to use for any as a melee attacker. The Monk is fuelled by Spirit that contains defensive purposes while slowly generated.
  5. Demon Hunter: One of my favourites so far as the Demon Hunter uses a crossbow as well as creating traps and through bombs at their enemies from a far distance yet the traps come in hand in close range to help slow down the enemy. The Demon hunter is fuelled by both discipline and hatred as hatred gives a more powerful punch and is quickly regenerated the discipline is the complete opposite for a more defensive style.

    The Character featured in the expansion, ‘Reaper of Souls.’ Crusader.
  6. Crusader: The Crusader is a part of the expansion pack, ‘Reaper of Souls,’ where they contain a variety of combat skills. You are able to ride horses and strike enemies, summon a blessed hammer that circles around the crusader, and much more. How I see the Crusader is basically that the character has consumed all the others into one. The only difference is that they use Wrath, which is generated through the same abilities as the others by attacking enemies, getting attacked as well as using abilities.

I also like the easy capabilities to choose between the buttons on your controller as each (besides maybe two) had an attack or defence method depending on your character. You can also change and equip your character to new amour at any time.

As I played it on my Xbox One, it was an easy access to move around from place to place as well as pick up the pace. (It would be just as similar for PC as well with the keyboard and mouse) You could quickly skip over dialogue if you wanted to and go to the stores within the game such as the Black Smith for higher armour or talk to the local priest for health. You are always given something to do, money to spend, amour to enhance and you will tend to get lost through the games MASSIVE MAP. I am not joking because I got lost too many times. (Until I found out the button to open it up for a better view)

As a person who had never played Diablo before and kind of skipped a few chapters I will admit I was confused however picked up things pretty easy. However I would really state that playing the game this far in will confuse the storyline too much for you. I would either go back to the first game or the second for better in-depth point of view.

Here is the link to the websites to make it easier and track down the plot for a better understanding: Diablo 3 Website

To conclude I really enjoyed playing Diablo whether it was for the hack and slash ability, even though it would get repetitive, the choice in re-doing the game over again by the value of the other characters used along with lots more it really stood out to me as a very fun field game that takes you in.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Some Games That Truly Give me Good and Bad Memories…

So… Tonight I fell into a bit of a puzzle because when I looked at the list I saw already a couple that I had talked or played. It was not bad at all to go back and relive the memories of it all.

<3 Pokemon Minecraft!

Okay Minecraft strangely I love it too much. I love the way in which you can build whatever you want whenever you want… depending if you’re on creative mode or not and what device you’re playing it on can change the game. Especially the simpleness of survival needed is so easy that anyone can pick it up in minutes.

Originally I played Minecraft on Xbox 360 and then converted to my laptop. I did not know anything about the game besides the MASSIVE TREND of figuring’s, accessories, clothes, you name it and basically they created it. I loved a lot of the art work online as well as the cute little people, ‘Steve’ and ‘Creepers.’ So I wanted to try the game for myself.

Figurines, Clothing, Lego etc….

To my surprise it really REALLY was not a game I was expecting as it is a world made of blocks and you yourself are a couple of blocks. I will be honest I thought at first it was silly to see such a game hit big, yet not until I started playing with friends, creating my own things as well as playing expansions online such as Hunger Games, Dayz and Prison Break to actually know where this game stands in the world. It’s a pretty amazing and simple game to play along with. (Hopefully I will eventually find a good working pokemon one though…One day…)

Looks Cool Right? Think again… Truly think again… Dark Souls.

Dark Souls
Not going to get into this game very much because… I rage too much at the first one that I am too scared to play the second because I know that most likely would not pass the first stage without breaking my controller or my television.

I was fascinated however how the game was made even though I wanted to break the game immediately. I believe it is a different turn for games. To create a game solely on pure ability to destroy everything within your path and yet try not to die before the next checkpoint WHICH I might add might be a bit far away and having no other choice but PATH.1 go to defeat the boss when your only level 1! Or PATH.2 go down this long path where there is no turning back and enemies around every single corner that are stronger than you in every way… Kind of a no win situation to me.

Skyrim Compared to Dark Souls…

If you are very determined person to take on a rage game that’s pretty hard go ahead.

Tomb Raider: A survivor is Born

Tomb Raider
Depending upon the Game and the Console my opinions can vary however I will talk about the most recent Tomb Raider I played on my Xbox 360 that just came out last year as well as the new release to the Xbox exclusive ‘Rise of Tomb Raider.’

The most recent Tomb Raider reboot is definitely an amazing and wonderful ride to take on for an action packed adventure. Especially with a high definition television along with the sound pumped up really gets you going. The graphics are spot on along with the storyline breathtaking as it is meant to tell the story of her first original mission however people disagree and state otherwise that it could be different.

As a survival, action, adventure game that is much similar to ‘Far Cry’ however in a more 3rd person perspective you really get a feel for the land and your surroundings as lost on a deserted island that is mainly what you need to do. Even when Lara Croft finds her friends upon the island she turns to believe that taking an adventure is better set alone.

Lara Croft is an amazing character to play in Tomb Raider. Her personality along with her skills especially the cross bow in which I love to death is amazing. You find so many different abilitys, unlockable treats as well as more in depth story plots as it unfolds which makes it truly a story to play again and again.

It was revealed during E3 this year that a new Xbox only exclusive Tomb Raider was being released  however the release date not clear but most likely will come out during next year some time. A new and fun field adventure for all to take on. A new journey will play as the sequel to the latest Tomb Raider. I am truly too excited for.

Rise of the Tomb Raider


You Comment, I Post!

So… I asked you guys what games I should try out and I have chosen some that really stood out to me. Whether they are bad or good I will try and give my opinion about them. 

Kushtown, Particles, Sensitivity, Difficulty.

QuickScope Simulator
Okay… I knew my friends would put this up so I am just going to get it out of the way now. My opinion is simple and cut to the point. I do not like this game. I think it is silly however I do believe it is fun. (Sometimes!)

Quickscope Simulator is a game poorly created that has hit big ‘somehow’ even though it shows a lot of brands in its game such as Xbox, PlayStation, Pokémon, Call of Duty, Mountain Dew, Sonic, Minecraft, MLG and whatever else you can think of because it is there. The game is only on PC.

A little bit crazy... This was on a 1000 Particles per kill.
A little bit crazy… This was on a 1000 Particles per kill.

So WARNING do NOT play this game if you are prone to epilepsy.  I am very thankful that the game features at the beginning the copyright materials and acknowledges that it all belongs to their rightful owners.

The main screen is straight away a picture of ‘Nuketown’ just changed to ‘KushTown.’ You will hear a lot in the background like screaming, memes or swearing. You can change the difficulty, sensitivity and the Particles to ‘somehow’ enhance the game to make it whatever way you like. The game also features now expansion packs. It is very buggy, graphics are horrible and I could go on and on however it can be enjoyable to pass the time and give a bit of a laugh with friends but I would not play it for long. 

Once you get a Kill streak you get to use your care package, this one was the pokeball where Charzard will kill everyone near you.
Once you get a Kill streak you get to use your care package, this one was the pokeball where Charzard will kill everyone near you.

The main aim of the game is to use your mouse, point and click to fire at the enemy. (You can also change your enemy in the settings from Call of Duty Soldiers to Shrek) Your main aim is to get as many kills as you can in order to get a kill streak but it’s pretty easy to get heaps. You also get care packages which are chosen at random to help you destroy everyone in mainly one go which you can choose from Weed and a poke ball along with a couple more.


Transistor, Red.

A very fascinating game that I haven’t come across before strangely. I can tell why this game is meant solely for PC and PlayStation in order to capture ever line of detail within the art work created to make this 3D graphic book style as the graphics are enhanced immensely. The artwork shown is quite beautiful as the pastel colours are mixed in with a new sense of darkness or brightness.

The game was released in May of this year on the 20th. Transistor is a Sci-fi/Action packed RPG which encourages the player to explore a new futuristic world where they wield an extraordinary large unknown weapon to fight off robotic creatures. It is a fast paced strategic planning game that is also consumed in a very deep story depth atmosphere.

Art Style, Colours, Processors, Red, Transistor.

The game seems to unfold as follows… You play the character ‘Red’ a superstar who seems to be a singer. The beginning comes in quick as you seem to be shown what information is needed of your character background instantly. However in the gameplay before it revealed more of what the story holds. She is a target, threatened by five assassins however she is not alone. (A normal action packed adventure story) The weapon she wields slips away during the commotion and transports her across the city in mere seconds and the assassins go on the hunt. As you can see in the multiplayer it is very interesting how the relationship is placed upon the adventure they both undertake as the man lying there is actually someone she knows however the weapon was in that man which creates mystery.  His consciousness is consumed into the weapon and it places the question, ‘Who is he?’

The beginning of the actually game begins with your character speechless but strangely your weapon speaks. How the weapon speaks to Red is interesting as it is not in a friend tone but in a way of a relationship “Back together again…” I kind of enjoy the voice of the weapon as it is very deep and sounds very soft however it kind of makes me feel uneasy at times rather than actually calming. It is only revealed few minutes later that the assassins had took reds voice. You also slowly upgrade your different abilities quite easily as it’s by the amount of experience you gather from the robots (known as processors) which is like most games.

This game is really fascinating and I quite adored the plot which I believe I should not reveal any more for people to take on the game themselves to experience it. I do believe one thing that might put people off by the game is the repetitive actions might actually get annoying at times unless you enjoy RPG games.

Microsoft, Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings.

Age of Empires 2
Age of Empires is one of my classics for PC, to be honest it was the first game, sadly besides Sims that I ever played on PC. Mainly because of my brothers were huge fans of it. The game has really evolved over time to make such events historical or fake become so realistic that you feel that your there and control your side.

Battlefield Scenario, Multiplayer, Classic Gaming.

Age of Empires is basically a point and click game however it involves tactical planning and movements in order to conquer all. It’s a tactical war simulation game that gives you the ability to create your own civilisation. You can build your city in whatever you want, create more defence and put up a wall, make lots of troops to defend the city but not just create and make… Command the people to do what you want in the battlefield. You can even do historical scenarios relevant to the time period and events that happened to whoever you choose.

The game is really a simple and easy game to follow even without a storyline half the time. You just take control of it all. Other games I would recommend besides the other Age of Empire Games would be Total War: Rome. Brilliant game.