The Forest, is it really scary or not at all…?

So recently a lot of people have been wondering and trying out the new Alpha of the game The Forest. I have watched various amounts of famous Youtuber’s play the game and have played it myself however I have even asked a few friends what their opinion of the game is but first I will talk about the game.


‘The Forest’ was released during May of this year as an Alpha where you play in an open world survival horror game that is only on PC’s. You start off on a plane, not knowing where you’re going or why your there in the first place however you have a son that has fallen asleep beside you. It seems peaceful at first while the storm becomes worse than all of a sudden the plane crashes and you awake not with your son beside you or knowing where you are.

So you enter the darkness of the forest with barely any supplies, drastic weather conditions, and you must search for food by that of either an animal or a plant but that can alter whether you live or die. Explore your surroundings on this deserted island filled with caves and a lake but beware of the vicious inhabitants that are the cannibals.

The game develops different components such as building various objects to help you survive the night by building a house, a fire or even a simple chair. However the game seems to tend to cross to the activities it which you would face in the common most popular game Minecraft where simple objects such as chopping down trees, gathering food supplies, craft weapons and tools etc though you must understand that every survival game would face the same conclusion as others. You must also understand that your food bar can go down quite quickly. Build either small or large shelters to survive the cold night even maybe a fortress. There is so much for you to do, build and explore.


One Problem: It is an Alpha.
Alpha games tend to be either good or bad as it depends upon the person themselves as Alphas do take a lot of problems and bugs that people who interact with the game must advise them the problem to slowly fix it. Example, not being able to build some of the buildings.

Another problem: No real story
Survival games are always about building and exploring however you see that the Forest had begun to develop a story but not finish it or continue it in turn confusing people. A lot of people love to get into a story which pushes them to either buy or play the game for longer. Example, what happens to the son?

These are the two main problems that I have been told by a lot of my friends but I believe that as the game evolves it will become better, the graphics are brilliant and it’s an interesting way to go into a new survival horror game. What are your opinions of Alphas or the game itself?


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