“The Hardest Murder to Solve…IS YOUR OWN.”

Murdered Soul Suspect, Ronan O’Connor, Ghost

As a gamer who loves an in-depth unusual story ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ became the top of my list for next generation games.

A new perspective of a detective is consumed into a cross murder and supernatural story that tends to overlap with history, the main characters own past and future events. Ronan O’Connor is a detective in the town of Salem.

After an unfortunate incident, Ronan gets caught up in his leads to find out deeper information on the killer known as ‘The Bell Killer,’ who has been causing mischief within the town causes Ronan to go deeper into the killers terrain by himself  however dies in the action. Ronan O’Connor becomes stuck in the Purgatorial World that exists between humans and the supernatural world. In order for him to pass into the next world he needs to release his anger and revenge towards the ‘Bell Killer,’ the only way by doing this is to find him and stop him once and for all. ‘But how is he going to do that as a Ghost?’ 

Bell Killer, Gun, Murder

As a Ghost you find your boundaries and stealth tactics to help unfold each case you encounter as you uncover many stories within the free roam town of Salem. The third person perspective of the world is quite interesting as there is not only the main case, side cases and littler stories to find around every corner that can pass the eye easier than most people would believe.

I found it very amazing by the amount of people you can posse and go deeper into their thought pattern to see what is lurking in their but at the same time irritating as more than half sometimes would say the same thing however the ghosts are more interesting as they tell why they still lure in the world with each one holding a different story.   

 However the story does not only follow a hero but also the supernatural enemies known as commonly ‘Death Eaters,’ like from Harry Potter who consume people’s souls. They can be quite annoying and irritating to get past or avoid as they float around and are easy to get behind and destroy however when you float from room to room it is easy enough to float into one.

Death Eate

You have powers though, not very good ones to help fend your foes off but more interesting ways of getting around and adding a sense to some characters within the main story such as a power scream that makes characters ache and teleporting to gather more clues.  

Lastly your skills and tactics of uncovering stories that you encounter and react to really pushed me to wanting to play it. I love the concept of this as how you uncover a story is not as easy as it seems after your first or second go. You need to connect the dots or literally connect the clues in a chain to than eventually go in hearing a noise or connecting a single word together to solve the puzzle. As I am not a person who tends to like puzzle games as I get very agitated I found it more intriguing to uncover more clues.

I believe this game is very good and an interesting new concept to try out on either Playstation or Xbox.  So what are you waiting for? Try it out!



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