Make it… Your World…

A friend told me about this the other day, so I looked into it without expecting what was going to happen.

If anyone has played the game Minecraft, you would understand the simple block by block game that makes your mind wonder with excitement and creativity to let you create whatever you desire. You can also venture out onto your own adventure or bring along a couple of friends to help out. Create, build, fight and survive your way through your world. But beware of Creepers, Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons and lots more.

Star-made is the next step to the addiction that Minecraft brings. You can explore hundreds of new worlds besides your own and yet you are still not alone. Build your spaceship. Create it as big or small as you want to destroy every enemy in your way. Create fractions and bases to expand for more control in your world. Choose whether you are good or bad within your galaxy. Do you want to destroy it? Or do you want to explore it?

A simple and easy game to follow along with and create such a peaceful atmosphere for all to love. Make your station stand out from the rest and make your spaceship the ultimate enemy to all. I think this game will be a great hit either way because it gives you a different way to think and a different game to play.

Go get it now! Its free to play plus its only in the Alpha Stage!


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