The Forest, is it really scary or not at all…?

So recently a lot of people have been wondering and trying out the new Alpha of the game The Forest. I have watched various amounts of famous Youtuber’s play the game and have played it myself however I have even asked a few friends what their opinion of the game is but first I will talk about the game.


‘The Forest’ was released during May of this year as an Alpha where you play in an open world survival horror game that is only on PC’s. You start off on a plane, not knowing where you’re going or why your there in the first place however you have a son that has fallen asleep beside you. It seems peaceful at first while the storm becomes worse than all of a sudden the plane crashes and you awake not with your son beside you or knowing where you are.

So you enter the darkness of the forest with barely any supplies, drastic weather conditions, and you must search for food by that of either an animal or a plant but that can alter whether you live or die. Explore your surroundings on this deserted island filled with caves and a lake but beware of the vicious inhabitants that are the cannibals.

The game develops different components such as building various objects to help you survive the night by building a house, a fire or even a simple chair. However the game seems to tend to cross to the activities it which you would face in the common most popular game Minecraft where simple objects such as chopping down trees, gathering food supplies, craft weapons and tools etc though you must understand that every survival game would face the same conclusion as others. You must also understand that your food bar can go down quite quickly. Build either small or large shelters to survive the cold night even maybe a fortress. There is so much for you to do, build and explore.


One Problem: It is an Alpha.
Alpha games tend to be either good or bad as it depends upon the person themselves as Alphas do take a lot of problems and bugs that people who interact with the game must advise them the problem to slowly fix it. Example, not being able to build some of the buildings.

Another problem: No real story
Survival games are always about building and exploring however you see that the Forest had begun to develop a story but not finish it or continue it in turn confusing people. A lot of people love to get into a story which pushes them to either buy or play the game for longer. Example, what happens to the son?

These are the two main problems that I have been told by a lot of my friends but I believe that as the game evolves it will become better, the graphics are brilliant and it’s an interesting way to go into a new survival horror game. What are your opinions of Alphas or the game itself?


Really got to get your hands on ‘Destiny’

By the creators of Call of Duty (Activision) and Halo (Bungie) have constructed a game that is so in-depth with its new story and heavily driven multiplayer aspects that really make it push the limits to blow your mind.

Destiny. Traveler. Earth

700 years into the future, the last city on Earth that contained all that was left of the human race strangely found a massive, mysterious alien object hung over their city . No one knows where it came from or what it is for that matter but that it is their only protector. It is known as the Traveler which contains the Guardians of the Earth. However the human race must be aware of the foreign creatures of the darkness from the deepest darkest edge of the universe that are determined to destroy the last City on Earth. The Guardians task is to defend the remains of the human race and discover the source of these hideous monsters to destroy them once and for all.

The customizations are so detailed that the assortment of choices to choose form any facial features you desire are endless. With the next generation consoles it does truly bring the character you create to life.

Hunter. Titan. Warlock. Who will you be?

The game is very smooth in the way it works, to the gun movements by the recoil and flow of shooting to running makes you really feel like you’re in the game yourself. The smallest of features of melee to fighting techniques makes it really quite intense to play. It is also easily able to pick and choose the abilities you want to upgrades as you level up very quickly.

An added bonus is that ‘Ghost’ is actually voiced by the actor Peter Dinklage or very famously known as Tyrion Lannister from the very popular show Game of Thrones.

If you were wondering about trying out the game or looking for more information I highly recommend you put a pre order down or even get the beta. It is really an interesting turn for both big companies to come together and make such a game and I know… my name is down on the list for it.

“Everything is Awesome!”

Lego has come out with so many different games for both Playstation and Xbox, such games as:
-Lego Marvel
-Lego Batman
-Lego Lord of the Rings
-Lego The Hobbit
-Lego City
-Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
-Lego Star Wars
And so much more! Everything imaginable has been taken and changed into Lego form for games, movies and toys such as Star wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. It is really remarkable how far Lego has really gone from ordinary Children toys into a new generation of games.

Each game is a master piece that takes scenes from movies to turn it into a world of fun and creativity. However by saying that most of the games are entirely the same, go here and build this then go there and do the same. Yet I never get tired of it! And the fact that you don’t have to be just one character but hundreds makes it even that bit better.

Recently the Lego Movie was released this Year, with a rating of 8 Stars out of 10 it has become one of the world’s biggest hit kids movies of all time. It has really grabbed people’s attention and allowed everyone to take a piece of what is in store. By saying this, the Lego Movie Game will of course be about the Movie. To be honest, I would have enjoyed the game more if I did not watch the movie first so if you are interested in the game and movie I would particular put it in that order as I got tired of going from cut scene to cut scene that I may have seen over and over again however it did not bother me too much.

By the way, the movie features such brilliant voice actors such as Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Will Ferrell, Billy Dee Williams, Will Arnett and Elizabeth Banks. They play each character so well that it just makes me love the movie all that more!

But back to the main point…The game features a young mini-figurine man by the name of Emmet, an ordinary construction worker or maybe not… You discover through the game as you meet some extraordinary assortment of characters the world of Lego and how it is falling. But not for long! A group called the resistance fighters plan to fix everything and defeat the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell) before destroying the Lego World. Take on the Adventure as you join Emmet and all the characters in Lego to help save the Lego World.

“The Hardest Murder to Solve…IS YOUR OWN.”

Murdered Soul Suspect, Ronan O’Connor, Ghost

As a gamer who loves an in-depth unusual story ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ became the top of my list for next generation games.

A new perspective of a detective is consumed into a cross murder and supernatural story that tends to overlap with history, the main characters own past and future events. Ronan O’Connor is a detective in the town of Salem.

After an unfortunate incident, Ronan gets caught up in his leads to find out deeper information on the killer known as ‘The Bell Killer,’ who has been causing mischief within the town causes Ronan to go deeper into the killers terrain by himself  however dies in the action. Ronan O’Connor becomes stuck in the Purgatorial World that exists between humans and the supernatural world. In order for him to pass into the next world he needs to release his anger and revenge towards the ‘Bell Killer,’ the only way by doing this is to find him and stop him once and for all. ‘But how is he going to do that as a Ghost?’ 

Bell Killer, Gun, Murder

As a Ghost you find your boundaries and stealth tactics to help unfold each case you encounter as you uncover many stories within the free roam town of Salem. The third person perspective of the world is quite interesting as there is not only the main case, side cases and littler stories to find around every corner that can pass the eye easier than most people would believe.

I found it very amazing by the amount of people you can posse and go deeper into their thought pattern to see what is lurking in their but at the same time irritating as more than half sometimes would say the same thing however the ghosts are more interesting as they tell why they still lure in the world with each one holding a different story.   

 However the story does not only follow a hero but also the supernatural enemies known as commonly ‘Death Eaters,’ like from Harry Potter who consume people’s souls. They can be quite annoying and irritating to get past or avoid as they float around and are easy to get behind and destroy however when you float from room to room it is easy enough to float into one.

Death Eate

You have powers though, not very good ones to help fend your foes off but more interesting ways of getting around and adding a sense to some characters within the main story such as a power scream that makes characters ache and teleporting to gather more clues.  

Lastly your skills and tactics of uncovering stories that you encounter and react to really pushed me to wanting to play it. I love the concept of this as how you uncover a story is not as easy as it seems after your first or second go. You need to connect the dots or literally connect the clues in a chain to than eventually go in hearing a noise or connecting a single word together to solve the puzzle. As I am not a person who tends to like puzzle games as I get very agitated I found it more intriguing to uncover more clues.

I believe this game is very good and an interesting new concept to try out on either Playstation or Xbox.  So what are you waiting for? Try it out!


Make it… Your World…

A friend told me about this the other day, so I looked into it without expecting what was going to happen.

If anyone has played the game Minecraft, you would understand the simple block by block game that makes your mind wonder with excitement and creativity to let you create whatever you desire. You can also venture out onto your own adventure or bring along a couple of friends to help out. Create, build, fight and survive your way through your world. But beware of Creepers, Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons and lots more.

Star-made is the next step to the addiction that Minecraft brings. You can explore hundreds of new worlds besides your own and yet you are still not alone. Build your spaceship. Create it as big or small as you want to destroy every enemy in your way. Create fractions and bases to expand for more control in your world. Choose whether you are good or bad within your galaxy. Do you want to destroy it? Or do you want to explore it?

A simple and easy game to follow along with and create such a peaceful atmosphere for all to love. Make your station stand out from the rest and make your spaceship the ultimate enemy to all. I think this game will be a great hit either way because it gives you a different way to think and a different game to play.

Go get it now! Its free to play plus its only in the Alpha Stage!