Some of the Classics to Fill Up Time

These are three of my classic games that I always go back to when bored or want to get a great story out of. I have not ruined or spilt any leaks and explained each from the FIRST Games. Hope you enjoy.

DEAD SPACE, Isacc Clarke.

-Dead Space (1+2+3)

You play as Isacc Clarke, a ship system engineer who goes aboard a mining starship which has been infested by… Aliens or ‘Necromorphs’ as an Alien Virus transforms and slaughters crew members aboard the ship. Your mission is to come aboard, find out the whole story and hopefully save some of the crew along with your wife Nicole before it is too late.

A Popular Classic Horror over the shoulder third person shooter perspective game that leaves you leaping and leaking with fear around each corner. It hides various amounts of jump scares that will leave your skin agitated. The best way to take in the full effect of the game is to place yourself in a room, lights off and head set locked on at night because Dead Space will really give you a ride for your life.

Bioshock, Big Daddy, Little Sister.

-Bioshock (1+2 and Infinite)

Now, Bioshock is a very complex intense story that must be played in the right order. I encourage everyone to play the game from the 1st then Infinite but you can play the 2nd in the middle but do not mix the order or you will be too confused and break the storyline completely.

The first Bioshock was an amazing game that really gives you a sense of horror and gore yet also first person shooter. Set in the 1960s, you play as Jack who just came out of a serve plane crash that landed in the ocean near a commonly viewed light house, however it isn’t. It is a Terminus that leads down to the City of Rapture. A place built by Andrew Ryans to become ‘Utopia’ for all though as Jack comes across this place it is not the Utopia people believe in as you discover ADAMS, plasmids that grant super powers. As Jack explores this unknown world, he finds a lot to fear from as the city no longer is alive and he finds out what happened to it all.

-Portal (1+2)

The legendary puzzle first person platform game. For a good mix up of first person shooters and continuously killing person after person is an interesting side note to take in a different concept within a puzzle game. The protagonist named Chell who wakes up to hearing ‘Glados,’ she interacts and talks you through each sequence and scenario but strangely something is not right with all the testings… And Glados might not actually be a friend…

I really recommended this game for two reasons. One it is a major Classic that everyone loves but also in Portal 2 you can do Coop with a friend to make things more interesting and complex. The game really gives you different roads to take in puzzles as you miss or hit it straight on the dot.


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