Some of the Classics to Fill Up Time

These are three of my classic games that I always go back to when bored or want to get a great story out of. I have not ruined or spilt any leaks and explained each from the FIRST Games. Hope you enjoy.

DEAD SPACE, Isacc Clarke.

-Dead Space (1+2+3)

You play as Isacc Clarke, a ship system engineer who goes aboard a mining starship which has been infested by… Aliens or ‘Necromorphs’ as an Alien Virus transforms and slaughters crew members aboard the ship. Your mission is to come aboard, find out the whole story and hopefully save some of the crew along with your wife Nicole before it is too late.

A Popular Classic Horror over the shoulder third person shooter perspective game that leaves you leaping and leaking with fear around each corner. It hides various amounts of jump scares that will leave your skin agitated. The best way to take in the full effect of the game is to place yourself in a room, lights off and head set locked on at night because Dead Space will really give you a ride for your life.

Bioshock, Big Daddy, Little Sister.

-Bioshock (1+2 and Infinite)

Now, Bioshock is a very complex intense story that must be played in the right order. I encourage everyone to play the game from the 1st then Infinite but you can play the 2nd in the middle but do not mix the order or you will be too confused and break the storyline completely.

The first Bioshock was an amazing game that really gives you a sense of horror and gore yet also first person shooter. Set in the 1960s, you play as Jack who just came out of a serve plane crash that landed in the ocean near a commonly viewed light house, however it isn’t. It is a Terminus that leads down to the City of Rapture. A place built by Andrew Ryans to become ‘Utopia’ for all though as Jack comes across this place it is not the Utopia people believe in as you discover ADAMS, plasmids that grant super powers. As Jack explores this unknown world, he finds a lot to fear from as the city no longer is alive and he finds out what happened to it all.

-Portal (1+2)

The legendary puzzle first person platform game. For a good mix up of first person shooters and continuously killing person after person is an interesting side note to take in a different concept within a puzzle game. The protagonist named Chell who wakes up to hearing ‘Glados,’ she interacts and talks you through each sequence and scenario but strangely something is not right with all the testings… And Glados might not actually be a friend…

I really recommended this game for two reasons. One it is a major Classic that everyone loves but also in Portal 2 you can do Coop with a friend to make things more interesting and complex. The game really gives you different roads to take in puzzles as you miss or hit it straight on the dot.


Everything can end by just pressing one button…


After two years of continuous back and forth action between the release date of the game ‘Watch Dogs’ finally was released on the 27th of May 2014. The main character is centred in the 3rd person world of Aiden Pearce, a man who is so intelligent that he can break into anything and anywhere within the town of Chicago. The open world centres on a serious tone that tends to mix with spikes of comedy when hacking into surveillance and conversations between the people of the town.

By the single device of his smart phone, he can access anything. Hacking the city is the greatest weakness and weapon as the city is controlled by the CTOS which is the electrical infrastructure. It contains a vast amount of information that is stored and controlled through centres that gather surveillance, control transportation etc. It is a way to take advantage of different situations that can show the secrets hidden within anyone by just pressing a single button. Aiden can take any piece of data, money from someone’s account, a secret or a message.

The people work faster within the city by this new software that is has significantly dropped crime and created more access for the people. However this creates more enemies through the network as the town hides the main source of the enemy which are hackers.  Aiden Pearce is a man centred on rage from the death of his niece Lena Pearce that was in a car crash. Aiden Pearce also has a deep anger and vengeance towards people who have a record and this is what he hopes to take away from the town for good.

The graphics of the game are very detailed from every bump and cut. Ubisoft has always made a great attempt on the value of detail within their games. It pushes the boundaries of realty and the made up character.


The way in which the player can take action is endless. The different pieces to hack into various objects are endless or you can take the easy way of shooting up the place. It is a mixture of stealth cross between puzzles. The multiplayer merges into a single experience for everyone as you can join anyone’s game or disrupt it. You could take down gangs, go through endless amounts of puzzles and hacks that leads a billion ways for someone to kill an individual. By these ways of hacking and connecting the puzzles can increase skills of the player.

Bullets, Bloodshed, Machines and an American Hero

Wolfenstein: The New Order was released on the 20th of May this year. The game had been in a 4 year development since 2010 by Machine Games and formally published by Bethesda as a first person shooter adventure game.  Wolfenstein has had a lot of various games released since the beginning in 1981 however each game has made itself capture a different story that grasp only a few key areas within the time line or between characters.

The Game begins in 1946; World War two has surrounded the battlefield. You take charge as Captain BJ. Blazkowicz is an American war hero. Your main desire is to kill all the Nazi’s and win the War. The game consists of ridiculous amounts of bullets, bloodshed and slaughter but don’t forget the mechanical robotic beasts that lurk around each corner with some being half animal and half machine.  Luckily enough BJ carries vast amount of guns and can even change to dual at any time however to upgrade your gun it is not as simple as other game where you gather experience or such but rather you have to find them.

It is easy to find supplies throughout the game but depend upon the difficulty which comes with a humour sayings and fantastically detailed pictures to fit which ever difficulty chosen from ‘Can I play, Daddy?’ as BJ is pictured with a bib and a baby dumpy to ‘Uber’ where BJ has darkened red eyes with splotches of blood splatters around his face as well as an awfully nerve shaking grin.

The Four Difficulties.

The story unfolds at a very nice pace as it goes from scene to scene with different ways to kill or find obstacles for the player. An amazing feature is the way in which the player can interact within the environment to find further clues and secrets beside Easter eggs hidden. Another thing that is very interesting about the game is by the in-depth features of critical detail even the tiniest sense of horror and gore lodged in the action through the scientist experiments on humans. Theirs even within the first few sequences a chance to make a choice which is not really common in first person shooters. (I will not spoil that for you.)

Sadly as the game goes on with its perfectly made next gen graphics, our main character goes into a broken state that takes him 14 years to cope with the broken self he was. A love interest is slowly made between BJ and the nurse Anya. As 14 years past it goes to 1960, the war is over and the Nazi’s have won. America surrendered due to the Atomic Bomb and everyone is captured. BJ is the only hope for survival for all.