The Big Bad Wolf has come to Play…

Telltale games are a game making company that focuses upon episodic gaming and digital distribution. These games all come with a similar background as they all take upon the feature of a comic book style.  Most of their games storylines originally come from the back stories of their comics. One of Telltale games most popular game was ‘The Walking Dead,’ a game centred on the apocalypse of a zombie infested world where you have to pick and choose within the game by playing the character ‘Lee Everett.’ However this is not the game that has been hitting the shelves more than its other popular release ‘The Wolf Among Us.’


‘The Wolf Among Us’ is a five episode series (At its four episode at the moment) based off the fable DC comic/vertigo book written by Bill Willingham. It is a point and click adventure game where you interact with other characters and objects. You must make choices during the gameplay in choosing left or right and good or bad that can affect the ending of the game or future episodes in later seasons.

The story unfolds in 1986, many magical and mystical lands were described in myth, legend and folk tales. These were known as the ‘Homelands’ which was occupied by an enigmatic tyrant known as the ‘Adversary.’ To escape the ‘Adversary’ army and regime many creatures, monsters and characters known as the ‘Fables’ had to flee to the mundane world. (The Normal World) They created an enclave known as ‘Fabletown’ located in Manhatten. In order for them to disguise and mask themselves from the presence of native humans known as the ‘mundies’ they must purchase an enchantment or spells known as ‘glamour’s’ to disguise themselves to appear as humans and if a creature does not obey the rule they are relocated to the rural community known as ‘The Farm.’

As the character ‘The Big Bad Wolf,’ you are the sheriff of Fabletown and your responsibility is to hide the community from the wider world and to enforce the rules in which is given. But when a sudden change is placed upon ‘Bigby’ not only is he involved but all of Fabletown. As Bigby you encounter various fairy-tale characters to accompany yourself on your journey such as Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Toad and a lot more. However this is not a happy fairy tale ending for the characters but a more vivid atmosphere of gore and bloodshed where no one is safe and has to face the consequences everyone else is placed in.

As you build and choose what to say when interacting with characters it reflects who your character will become, as ‘Bigby’ is the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ you must understand the concept of him changing into the wolf when he gets very angry and aggressive in his detective work in finding out clues and theories. This gives the game a more sense of emotion and connection towards its player and the game which leads you off putting and edgy. An example of this is when the episodes are released over a long period of time.

In conclusion the game is leading to a very high point which I believe is making it sky rocket in popularity and making it into a very well developed game.


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