Wild Star will be a Star!

Wild Star is a MMORG game, ‘massively multiplayer online role-play game’ that brings an entirely new world to life through your computer. It centres on the planet Nexus, who was inhabited by the Eldan who disappeared over time yet still holds secrets and adventures for new explorers. But which fraction will you choose?

The Exiles are an alliance of refugees, outlaws and mercenaries who have come to the planet Nexus to find a new home. The four different characters you can choose from are:
-Humans, an outcast race that always put up a fight when challenged.
-Granok, big and touch creatures made of stone who fear no one.
-Aurin, are small environmentally friendly creatures that protect their land as they were forest dwellers whose home world was ravaged by the Dominion.
-Moredesh, intelligent robotic aliens cursed by a degenerative disease after delving into forbidden secrets of alchemy, now they only want to find a cure.

The Dominion is a powerful empire founded by the Eldan that claimed Nexus as its legacy. The different characters you can choose from are:
-Classian, who is wealthy superior leaders that were chosen by the Eldan to establish the Dominion.
-Merchari, a genius with no remorse as engineered by the Eldan, they are classified as killing machines to eliminate traitors and spies in Nexus.
-Draken, are savage beasts who are brutal as they forge and savage home worlds.
-Chua, tiny creatures that are psychotic and mischievous inventors who develop highly advanced weapons and technologies used for the Dominion.

Through these characters you can choose various classes such as Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Stalker and Medic.
-Warrior can carry a power sword and arm cannon with brute force to take down enemies.
-Spellslinger uses their pistols, sigils and agility to outrun their opponents.
-Esper uses psychic abilities to charge up their psyblades.
-The Engineer has launchers, bots and even an exo-suit.
-The Stalker uses its claws, devices and nano-skin to assassination there enemy in combat.
-Medic uses resonators, auras and probes to deal and heal damage from other players.

It than comes down to which path the adventurer would want. As an Explorer you must travel the wildness and discover what is unknown of this new world. You can access secrets and uncover hidden relics as well as vistas. As a Soldier you kill your enemies and conquer what is yours. You forge and slaughter to capture whatever you want. The settler must tame the land and expand influence through the wilderness; this is by building battle areas, hospitals, taverns and houses for your buddies. Lastly the scientist, studies the world to unlock secrets.

You can even build and create your own home by customisations. You can create the world and place that you want. And the combat is as simple as ‘Ready, Aim, Shoot!’  Lastly you have various PVE or player vs environment choices to choose from. These are Quests, path missions, challenges, public events, shiphand missions, adventures, Dungeons and raids.

Wildstar is aimed to be one hell of a game that will make all your friends come join. A game of humour and adventure is the best. It will be coming out on the 31st of this month. So look out.


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