Infamous Second Son hits it Big!

Seven years after the game storyline in ‘Infamous 2,’ came a small group of humans called ‘Conduits.’ (Bio-terrorists) These Bio-terrorists were hunted and feared by everyone for each individual owned a certain power and ability to manipulate or even weaponize a form of matter.  The Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P) looked to capture the ‘Conduits’ and shortly later they did and kept them locked away from everyone. The Military than stepped in and took control over the prisoners.

During their first travel with the bio-terrorists, they were been taken to Curdan Cay station, a prison located just outside Seattle. However an unexpected turn of events unfolds to encounter a young man by the name of Delsin Rowe.

The main character, Delsin Rowe who is voiced by Troy Baker is a rebellious young adult who is always reckless and has a sour attitude. A difference that is easily depicted within the game ‘Infamous Second Son’ is the in depth storyline given to Delsin. The creators, Sucker Punch have really pushed themselves with more than just the storyline, even their game pushed the boundary of being rated from 8/10 to now 9.2/10. It’s due to its shear texture of the lighting effects of fluoro colours between the different powers to the amount of beauty given into the background display. The sense of detail is spot on, as every little part makes the game look entirely more realistic. Though another change from the past games was the combat methods, you now have an endless amount of moves to choose from.

The story unfolds with Delsin Rowe when met by an oncoming military vehicle that crashed when he was arguing with his older brother and police officer Reggie. Delsin jumped into the action and helped a person stuck. This person was one of the prisoners. Once Delsin helped the man up, the man looked at Delsin’s brother and grabbed hold of Delsin for protection as he was in fear. Reggie pulled out his gun and pointed at the man and just as Delsin feared for his brother’s life he grabbed hold of the man’s hand and suddenly consumed a new power as well as a glimpse into the man’s history.

Brooke Augustine, aimed to be one of the main antagonists, makes an offer with Delsin to help her find the other escaped Conduits even though she too is one herself who has the control of stone matter. Delsin must destroy or capture the other Conduits, and by doing this he will consume their powers and history. As Brooke fears that the Conduits will activate themselves and become insane creating habit within the town.

Infamous Second Son was a game aimed for the next generation console Playstation 4. You can tell by key features why the game was aimed that way through the interaction and well-presented graphics that really gave a sense of a realistic world. The game occasionally uses motion control as well as the simple style played upon the activities of jumping, gliding, climbing from building to building.  As Delsin goes through each Conduit he becomes stronger, faster, and more powerful with every ability however the choosing which choices you pick and events unfold can change the ending or abilities you may want from evil to good. This action can impact the player even in advancing their skills. You must choose whether you are a Hero or a Villain?


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