The Player vs The Person

2011, The Battle of the Sexes, value of buying more games, Pocket Gamer , viewed 14th May 2014,

People that play online games are not always who they say they are or act the way they would normally. It is the perspective that by sitting on a computer, anonymous and with no true hint of who they are is what makes them lead entirely different lives.  This act and attitude is normally seen online known as ‘Trolls.’ They are anonymous people who join or interrupt certain groups to cause disruption or become very rude towards people’s opinions especially to that of the women.

Women in the gaming world of online games are always targeted by the male persona’s as they are seen as easy targets to sexually abuse and verbally abuse etc. Many females are targeted by this as the gaming industry is owned by males, so it leads to a male background where females are meant to be doing the womanly role of cleaning and cooking. However due to the change in roles of women and how much control they have now, make them challenge themselves. It places the question…

“When did faceless men decide it was acceptable to take it upon themselves and threaten women online with death threats, rape threats, violence and sexism?”- Karalee Evans

< >
Who is a Gamer?, Female and Male players, Technology Use and Abuse, viewed 15th May 2014,

It is a proven point because once women speak the threat begins without giving them a chance. Women need to challenge this behaviour to the more dominant males which are shown in the quote…

‘”I believe the time for silence is over,”‘-Laurie Penny

2014, The Confidence Gap, The difference between males and females, The Atlantic, viewed 15th May 2014,

This quote is aimed at Laurie Penny’s life that has been impacted by trolls of misogynist men however links to the impact upon women’s values being seen in society which is misleading and incorrect to only be for a male persona.

This strand between the real people and the fake is so different that it can never be seen to connect who is who. That is why it is not only targeted in the gaming area but also social media platforms containing personal information or photos that can be leaked.

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