Do I just Click or Do I Act?

The year 2014 has the internet and social media’s control of the entire world’s views. Social media is what everyone strives to know and learn from daily. Such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter replay and re-tweet relevant news in our everyday lives. In what way we take that action or attitude and display it through these platforms is up to the consumers themselves. However, is it right for us to just re-tweet an illness we are trying to be aware of in the world and engage those to help share and post even if that only passes around a picture rather than money or should we take charge and roam the streets longing for answers and people to get involved?

Examples of Awareness campaigns are such as Kony, #BringBackOurGirls and #NoMakeUpSelfie. These small campaigns that grew large through a number of shares and posts  reached worldwide as it was not only a community helping but people from across the globe over the internet clicking to view or like a video or picture and even pass it on. This action is both negative and a positive. It is negative by that of the values and beliefs we as independent people strived to go out and push movements rather than just clicking a button that would not really do much besides acknowledging the awareness.  This is where the term ‘Slacktivism’ originates from as the population become lazy.

Al Jazeera spoke with Henry Giroux in an interview about his beliefs on the youth and where they are heading through movements. “These kids are generally voiceless, and because they’re voiceless, they’re powerless.” He states movements as positives and concludes how powerfully constructed they are to the youth society in giving ones voice while this connects to people who just click being still classified as the voiceless people.

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