Watch Dogs is getting its Audience…

Ubisoft came out last year with a new game called ‘Watch Dogs.’ After all the time of anticipation and longing to know what is next, Ubisoft are finally pulling out the big guns. After two years of struggle and pushing back and forth release dates they have planted and successfully adapted their story and multi-player for its users.

‘Watch Dogs’ is centred in the virtual city of Chicago, with the modern day era seems to stick due to the technology adoption of laptops and smart phones being clung to peoples sides everywhere they go. The game is a 3rd person over the shoulder view as well as a first person shooter. The game centres around ‘Hackers,’ the most common enemy of any technology device, where everyone is not trusted.

The quality of the graphics in the game make it more suitable for Playstation but it will be sold on Xbox One and 360, Playstation 4 and Pc. The characters are very detailed to every bump and cut. And slowly we begin to learn our characters behaviours and attitude. The Character seems to keep a lot of built up anger and vengeance towards anyone with a record which leads him to be a common Hero. He is silent, has quick abilities, as well as his capabilities of hacking through environments.

On the 8th of May the new character list was revealed for the upcoming game. You get to connect to who is on your team or who you should trust. Clara Lille is a hacker, tattoo Artist (Blankly seen by her Tattoos and piercings) and was suspected for DedSec Hacktivist. Our character tells of her being the ‘Best of the Best’ yet very dangerous on the wrong side. “T-Bone” Grady is wanted for Civil Disobedj, classified as a ‘Genius’ who plays with Fire and Action and even comes across as a Hill billy Gun Man. Jordi Chin is a  silent yet Smart individual with the perspective to own lots of money and class by the clothes he was wearing. It is told that he ‘would do anything for a price.’ Yet he also seems to play himself as a comedian. Anthony “Iraq” Wade is a Former Army Signal Specialist with very good military strategy in combat. Dermot “Lucky” Quinn is accused of multiple felony charges, an old man who is wise and powerful. All characters seem to play a major role but how they develop in the story we can never know.

The multi-player walk through was only released on the 9th of May. It does not show the complete capability of what is to be expected from the multi-player but the basics.  It seems to cross with a bit of the design made in the common game ‘Assassin’s Creed’ with the Animus. How the multi-player seems to play out is the fact that you can interact with anyone and everyone by the hacking capabilities even by hacking into various things and levelling up your skill process.

Watch Dogs will be coming out May 27th, Keep an Eye out!


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