Is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a Plus? Or not?

The new ‘Call of Duty’ trailer for ‘Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’  has been out for a week and still has gather as much commotion and debate on what is to come. However the views and speculations have been heavily placed on the new game as it is not entirely made from one of the commonly known two groups Infinity Ward and Treyarch. It is no other than the people who created the most commonly known horror, first person shooter ‘Dead Space’ Sledgehammer. Key features of the development of the game from the creators Sledgehammer have played a three year focus and concentration on the new ‘Call of Duty’ Game. The Gaming company of Sledgehammer has placed upon their shoulders a massive amount of stress and approval to be made from their new audience in next gen consoles.

The ‘Call of Duty’ Games is solely based on their multi-player while a little on their story and what happened with ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts,’ seemed to have not struct the right blow as they wanted. They focused too much on quality of effects, graphic designs in detail and environment connection, This is not the way it should have gone! They put focus upon in their old trailer animals moving,the environments connection to the battle scene or by how your character will react within the environment even by the dog companion which many seemed very unhappy and annoyed with.

At times it seemed as if their most common enemy that they face is getting the better of them. Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 is a game based on equality as well as a nice background that stabilises with the interaction that the players have when fighting. You would be fighting with a fellow player on different positions shooting at walls on each other as you hide but suddenly that wall could break etc. There is no true answer to which game is better though.

This goes back to the new game. People are already speculating and deciding whether it is good or not. E.g. ^^

The game is centred in 2054, where you are placed in a new area filled with more futuristic and fascinating to explore and use. It seems to relate a remix between Black Ops 2 and Titan Fall. In the trailer you  can see and connect the future basics by the vehicles they used such as the Hover Bikes, Space Ships, and Hover Tanks. This makes it more interesting and intriguing for its players to connect to the story.  But it is not only the fascination with the environment to take in but the Exosuits.

The Exosuits are going to place a major part on their players. How they use it however is entirely up to them and with no leaks or pin points besides a brilliant storyline to unfold we do not know how this will effect the multi-player features. What we are given in the trailer is  the obvious features of  being able to jump higher, run faster, hover, cloak and climb with magnet gloves. What is given is that you are Private Mitchell a US Marine, voiced by Troy Baker.

The background into the story behind it all seems to be that the private military Companies have waged war upon each other as this puts in the well known actor ‘Kevin Spacey.‘ Known for being in such movies as ‘Horrible Bosses’ or the show ‘House of Cards,’ Kevin Spacey plays as maybe that of a lead ally or Villain in his politics or corporation scheme as the character yet players are beginning to find connections to the show and the game.  No later leaks has spoken about his role as this character or further work.

As of a week, it has been talked about over and over. Once further leaks and statements have been made for the game, will finally shed light on all key features in the game.


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