Ongoing Remix


“Remixing is defined as the act of rearranging, combining, editorializing, and adding originals to create something entirely new.” – Matt jessell

The Remix Culture has been talked about for a very long  time. The issue is nearly all the same, as it all comes down to originality and copyright.  The Remix culture stands out more in the music industry but it also plays a massive part in movies, when collaborating clips together even mash ups of shows.

An example would be of DJs in Australia who remixed songs from the common band ‘Green Day,’ making a big uproar on copyright issues globally. Yet a quote stands out stating, “The situation, say some, is the perfect example of how copyright laws – in Australia and overseas – are not keeping up with the digital era and are stifling creativity.” (Queensland University of Technology)

This is a proven point. The people who remix are of different ages and some are amateurs.  Technology adaptation is what pushed the beginning of Remixing, downloading, torrents and so forth. It is what brings the Remix Culture to life and maybe even take its own genre. The effect of advancement as well as the media’s effect upon the user is what places people to be creative and make their own music, own voice or opinion in a way.

Lawerence Lessig states on a positive perspective of it being a “Hybrid Economy” where it will be good for the future to “benefit both commerce and community.” He believes the art of remixing is community based as it tries to stand out and bring people together on a positive note as well as turn to something new.

It is a negative but also positive process that continues to grow with no end. The Copyright issues will always be there even by originality individuals question what is original now? Remixing is a new way of producing music or ones view which is why it is popular and stands out.

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